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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

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One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • Comrade Pants;585936 said:
    Why does homosexuality piss people off? According to Doctor Alfred Kinsey, an esteemed researcher on human sexuality, only about 20% of individuals are exclusive to their identified orientation anyway. There's a reason most people enjoy watching women AND men in porn. Here's a chart, brohan:image

    I'd like to know what this man considers a "bisexual response." Just because someone may prefer watching women having sex with men (or vice versa, depending on ones gender) doesn't mean that, say said person is a guy, he is watching such porn because the man in it turns him on.

    To be able to do a proper study, I would think there should be some sort of control group by which to compare responses. This suggests that he would have studied responses from people who are bisexual and compared them with people who are gay and others who are straight. I don't see how studying a guy while he watches porn would give any indication that he is interested in the guy rather than what the guy is doing to the woman.
  • idk, the idea that it could even be remotely considered immoral kinda makes no sense at all to me.

    Like, the three main things I hear is that the gays spread diseases like AIDS, they can't have children, and when they do have children (wait what) they "depriving" them from both sexes.

    First off, lesbians have the lowest incidents of stds period. Does that mean they're the most moral? Ignoring that little tidbit, worldwide transmission of AIDS is actually highest among sexual encounters between men and women.

    Second, why does not having children matter? Does that make straight infertile, elderly, or generally child-less couples immoral for enjoying each others company? It's not like the world's gonna die out anytime soon.

    Third, okay, let's completely ignore the idea that it is possible for a child to be raised by parents of a single sex (and well documented). Let's say that a person needs exposure to male and female to grow up properly adjusted. I've never met a person who was solely raised by their parents. Whether a teacher, relative, or neighbor, it's near impossible to have children completely shielded from people from either side. Let's say a lesbian couple decides to be psychotic and tries to shield their child away from any male influence. That's just as bad (and actually far more uncommon) than an evangelical shielding their child from gays. That speaks badly on the people themselves, not the fact that they are lesbians.

    this being said, while there is documented evidence that same sex attraction can be swayed and influenced by genetics, i don't really see why that matters? why does loving or finding one of the same sex attractive, with it having neutral morality, need biological validation? this isn't like we're judging a murder-case and we're trying to figure out if we could pardon the murderer on the case of clinical insanity.

    enjoy the company of those you enjoy the company of. no labels needed.
  • I find Cho Aniki a little arousing.

    Its so... Manly!

    Also, Ultimate Muscle is one of my favourite cartoons growing up.

    I have a fondness for He-Man.

    (I wish I could "have the power". Mmm. Dashing and Bold)

    Sillyness aside though, I think some of us have a little shyness in the public bathroom.
    (Surely that can't be just me right?)
  • Did I miss something? I don't recall anyone being opposed to homosexual people on these pages. Merely a disagreement regarding whether someone who is gay is born that way or if it's a preference that develops with time.

    Seriously, when the frak did anyone start spouting anti-gay sentiments?!
  • RetroVortex;585948 said:

    (I wish I could "have the power". Mmm. Dashing and Bold)
  • Rather Dashing;585950 said:
  • Chyron8472;585945 said:
    I don't see how studying a guy while he watches porn would give any indication that he is interested in the guy rather than what the guy is doing to the woman.
    So basically you know jack shit about the subject and chose to weigh in on it anyway? Typical.
  • From what I've seen of the history of humanity, people are fairly indescriminate when it comes to boning things.

    The Ancient Greeks loved orgies. (And phallic imagery was everywhere in their society. Two dudes getting married is pretty tame compared to the porno potteries people keep digging up! XD)
    The Ancient Egyptians went around serving mostly naked gods with animal heads on top.

    And lets not talk about the freaky stuff that happens in myths and legends.
    (Mmmhmm. People liked a good fetish then, thats for sure! XD)
  • Rather Dashing;585952 said:
    So basically you know jack shit about the subject and chose to weigh in on it anyway? Typical.
    I know my own responses and their motivation. I know from taking college courses that statistical analyses are easily skewed depending varying factors such as where the sample was taken the manner in which polling questions are worded. As a result, certain studies can be skewed in one direction or another if the one(s) performing the study have an outcome that they're initially looking to find.

    I don't have to be an expert in the field to have an educated opinion. If that were the case, then no one should be allowed to vote in political races unless they have a degree in political studies, follow every aspect of every race and/or know each candidate personally.
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