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Your King's Quest Memories

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Post here your memories of when you first discovered King's Quest =) and your fond memories about it.
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  • played the first four Quest for Glory games and then got King's Quest V as a Sierra Originals game. Since it was a sierra game I thought it would the same layout as qfg so I went in the dark forest thinking I'd get to fight something and instead got zapped into a frog. First of many deaths in that game...
  • I don't remember exactly... I played King's Quest I for the first time about 25 years ago :D

    I was 8 or 9 years old, and I think I played it for the first time on the office PC of my father's friend. My first memories of KQI are about repeatedly falling into the moat :)

    Then we got an 8088 with CGA at home, later upgraded with a hard disk and a VGA card. I played most early Sierra adventures on that PC.

    Other assorted fond memories:

    - The first Sierra game I completed was KQII
    - Later I also completed KQI, and I had to do it in a single session because for some reason I couldn't get the savegames to work.
    - I played Leisure Suit Larry I when I was 11 or 12, and I remember asking my babysitter: "What is a condom?". She explained it to me, but her answer didn't make much sense to me at the time yet :)
  • Yeah, my memories of initial playthroughs are foggy at best. But I remember being fixated on the goat LOL for a long time when I originally played KQ1. Getting it to follow was one of the first things I did, and I continued exploring but didn't find the bridge until the last screen I saw. So I'm wandering around looking at every scene wondering, how would a goat be useful here. Even after the goat left I figured there'd be a way to keep him longer. At one point I was sure I'd have to get it to eat the candy house. :D
  • I went backwards with the KQ series. I discovered it when I was a bit older after mostly being a fan of Lucasarts adventure games. The first KQ game I played was actually 6, which came for free with my first CD-ROM drive. I remember it took me ages to beat, and I loved it. After that I got 5, and then the collection and worked through all of them.
  • I remember being really drunk once and trying to play King's Quest III. Typing those spells is a great sobriety test.

  • I remember my Uncle Dave, and later my two brothers, playing King's Quest VI when I was little, which was my first memory of the day. And then a few years later, my brothers played King's Quest V... for a short time anyway. Still brings back memories.
  • I have so many memories of this game it's not even FUNNY! I can't wait to see the TTG Remakes. My first memory is KQ1 and playing on a dual floppy drive IBM. You could tell if something "bad" was going to try to attack you on the following screen by how long the computer would load....haha good times!
  • TTG isn't making remakes. It's a brand new game.
  • MusicallyInspired;586873 said:
    TTG isn't making remakes. It's a brand new game.
    A Telltale remake of the original KQ would condense the land of Daventry into about 6 screens, remove the ability to interact with 90% of the scenery on the screen, make guessing the gnome's name multiple choice, and strip out the ability to complete tasks in whatever order you desired. Oh, but they might add some more dialog and expand the story of Graham's interactions with Edward, the woodcutter, the gnome, etc. That'd be a worthy trade-off, right?
  • I must say, a lot could be done to improve KQ1 by today's standards, but none of that was it.
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