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I for a long time was one of the biggest hawks regarding a certain game project, and I wish to use this venue to apologize and also express my regret at turning passionate disagreement into a crusade. It is my right to disagree with a project, but not my right to attack the project's creators or project upon them motives and sinister goals. I have been looked down upon by the community at large for my past behavior, and that sense of distrust or dislike which people feel for me will probably never go away, which is sad because I am a very big KQ/Sierra fan and have been for most of my life and I love KQ as much as anyone here, but nevertheless, I apologize for all my past statements. A game is just a game, and I must just move along with the tides of time, even if I don't like the direction they're flowing in.

I think we all get bogged down in technicalities or this or that at times and at the end of the day it is all petty non sense. This doesn't just go for the project I went after, but even for those who dislike TT's new KQ. I just think we are a community even despite our differences and all of us want the same thing, and all of us--IA, AGDI, POS, MMG and all the other fans in general--Are on this site, on AGDI's, on IA's, on POS' site, for the same reason: We all love Sierra games, adventure games and computer/video games in general. There is no such thing as a "true fan", and no group has any motive but love for a franchise when they expend time and effort into making a game.

At the end of the day, we are all just fellow fans of a niche genre and we need as much unity as we can have. I say this as someone who was one of the biggest fighters because I felt I was defending something I loved. I was wrong. It's just a game franchise. I hope those reading whom I've offended in the past can lose some of their ill will toward me, as I have lost much of my ill will toward them.

And with this, I extend, metaphorically speaking, an olive branch, and lay down my gun. No more fights or discord; No more petty quarrels. With that, I hope in time I can become someone who has earned the respect and fellowship of the KQ/Sierra community, and perhaps become fully a part of the community again.
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