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[BTTF] All episodes will not load on steam

posted by bioject on - last edited - Viewed by 284 users
So far I have played and beaten episodes 1-3 without problem. When I tried playing episode 4, the game will not load. I managed to get it to work once by doing the following but this fix hasn't worked since:

1. Run the program as admin
2. Turned 640x480 screen resolution on
3. Set compatibility for windows vista service pack 2

I don't even know why this worked randomly once but it hasn't worked since. When I tried loading up a previous episode to see if it is specific to episodes 4 and 5, episode 1 crashed when I attempted to load it. Currently none of the episodes will load.

I really want to finish these games as I was having a blast and now I find myself unable to play them at all. :(

Any help would be appreciated.:confused:
- Conrad
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