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Post Your Poetry Thread

posted by Iryon on - last edited - Viewed by 930 users
So as we already have a great General Art thread, I thought we could need a similar thread for posting poetry.
As I've been around this forums for some time now, I am sure that there are at least as many poets here as there are artists.

In other words: Let This Thread Be

A thread for words from heart and mind,
For pictures drawn by poetry;
A place where some of us may find
A world of true tranquillity;
Where others find a place to dive
In thoughts as raging as the sea;
Where heart and mind and spirit thrive,
'Tis what this thread is meant to be.
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  • In a muddy puddle
    Four eyes are shiny-ish
    What could they is being?
    I think they is two fish!

  • Roses are Red,
    Violets are blue,
    Some poems rhyme,
    But this one doesn't.
  • Your beautiful and yeah you are
    You crush my hearts with a bus
    All my soul are beating only
    Just and just for you and us
  • Loud the sound made
    By the crashing of silence
    In the furious maelstrom
    That is alone
  • Gordon

    It was a soldier that you asked for
    Called from the ancient tales
    Heralded as Horatio Nelson
    Though I had no stake in claiming a place at such a lofty height
    No, indeed my wine was isolation
    Children among my little joys
    For love was not my pursuit
    Women not my honey

    I cast my lot to war
    To the sounding of the cannons
    Where God's call was not enough to still my heart
    And his Psalms insufficient to put the beat into my veins
    Then there was the field
    The brotherhood of men entrenched
    Sided against a foe
    Different in color and in face

    Yet all men cast in God's mold
    Defined by causes set against one another
    And toys to those whose lives
    Were spent with so little honor
    Still I stood firm
    For my brothers were my peace
    Guns like a mother's lullaby
    And cannons the bells that signaled rest

    The Jade Empire raised me up
    Adorned me in its yellow raiment
    While all Britannia called my name
    And men of power shuffled to stand beside me
    None of this my pleasure
    But a necessary burden of my pursuits
    Yet I was but another toy
    A trifle in the hands of others

    I descended then to the last great field
    The war that could not be won
    Upon the lands of the Muslims
    Against their final imam
    And no desire within me to murder such a man
    But simply to do as I'd always done, upon the field of war
    To preserve the lives of those in my protection
    And with honor conduct myself to those against whom I was arrayed

    But I was a mere trifle in the hands of men of power
    That when the final signal had blown
    And when the guns had ceased to fire
    And night descended on my long day
    When all the voices that had howled my name
    Both in my heart and against it
    And all my honor spent in one last huzzah
    There was a cold moon that blackened on my evening

    A truth that no help would be afforded
    To a man once held up by men of power
    For honor was not theirs
    And my life was not a pride
    I was but a toy
    Set upon the board
    Until the game was done
    And the day had come to its end

    And proud stood the imam
    Though with tears for his fallen foe
    Over Brittania's trifling hero
    Body shattered upon the wall
    Yet know that this trifling toy
    Never chased for Britannia's honor
    It was mine to have
    And mine to lay down

    All men come to the same end
    But the path one takes is all the difference
  • Roses are grey
    Violets are grey
    I'm colorblind
    so yay.

    I'm not really colorblind.
  • Do song Lyrics count as poetry?

    Here's one I've been working on for a while. I call it "Sick and Tired."

    Every time I close my eyes
    I slip away to paradise
    No one knows why, but every time
    You take a hit, You lose your mind

    I'm sick and tired and I wanna go to bed
    But the melodies you scream at me keep pounding in my head
    You're left out in the freezing rain, just like you knew you would
    Everything around you sucks, but still Life is good

    I know it's terrible, but it's a work in progress.
  • From every row of bloodstained teeth
    To Sharpie black heart attacks
    I will live on
    I won't look back.
    From every day lived to everyday dead, I will live on inside of my head.
  • Oh there's a monkey in my pocket...

    Wait, that's not it...
  • A monkey once dwelled in my pocket,
    Tried to steal what I kept in a locket.
    He completed his task,
    Then he put on a mask.
    Now he happily lives on Nantucket ...
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