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Batman General Discussion Thread

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With Batman Arkham City coming out yesterday (uk) and the 18th of October (usa) and with me finishing it yesterday i throught it would be cool to open a batman thread so go ahead and say anything you want about batman you can talk about the games comics movies anything batman you can even make reviews of it ill start

Review of Batman Arkham Asylum

Story - The Joker breaks out of arkham and lets Batman capture him and bring him back but as Batman thinks it was too easy and thinks Joker is up to something he is proven Right as Joker takes control of arkham and kills many guards unleashes all of the inmates with the help of Harley Quinn and the inmates being killer choc Scarecrow and more of the villians from batmans past and with the pain of the riddler who makes batman solve all his riddles..its gonna be one big night for the dark knight

Gameplay - just belive me this is one of the best comic book games and it feels like you really are the dark knight as you fight,do puzzles and solve riddles it is really good gameplay

Overall - it is one of the best batman games if not one of the best comic book games made and if you can i would say ether get it along with the sequel Arkham City or if you can find it just get it so Batman Arkham Asylum gets a 9.0
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  • We already got a Batman thread but on to the questions

    1. I would say the story should be the Joker's body goes missing and Batman is called in to find out where it is because The Joker's Body goes missing around the same time a new villain has shown up in Gotham and has managed to get total control over all the villains and He even has Harley on his side and after Leading Batman into a trap. Batman is knocked out by Harley,Two Face,Clayface and Mr.Freeze and after Batman wakes up he finds his mask on the ground. All the villains he has ever battled staring at him and he sees Alfred, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin being captured by the police he finds out that all of Gotham has turned against him. So now that this new villain has taken over all of Gotham city. He has captured Batman's Family and but as Batman is captured. There is still one person on his side who is breaking him out and that person is Catwoman so after they escape it's up to Batman to save Gotham before The new villain manages to take over the world.
  • Darth Marsden;588380 said:
    Spoiler: [Spoiler]The joker is dead.[/Spoiler]

    There is no Arkahm Country without them. As good as the other villains are, I don't think they're good enough to carry a plot like the Arkham series demands. Plus, I don't really think the developers know where to take the story from here. They've basically done No Man's Land, there's nowhere really left to go from there.

    (And before you ask, the fourth game would be Arkham Planet, and the fifth Arkham Universe.)
    Great now i can just imagine a Joker smile on the world -_-
  • Wete not being creative enough here. There is a treasure trove of depth in characters like hush and two face.
  • Super Batman Arkham Galaxy
  • I want the Joker back and I want Hush.
  • there is a small flaw to your thinking here mark hammil has retired from doing the voice of the joker. he has said himself this was the time for him to bow out stop doing the role of the joker. and i don't blame him. and i doubt they could find anyone to replace him as the voice actor for the joker in a pc game. and to be honest i don't think it would make sense to do a batman arkham 3 game. two was enough.
    Noname215;588361 said:
    Which villians would you want to see in the game, what should you think the story should be about, where should it take place, and who should be the main antagonist?

    1. Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Ventriloquist, Calendar Man, Zsasz
    2. Total criminal takeover of Gotham City.
    3. The integrity of Gotham City.
    4. Either Harley Quinn or The Joker (hey, he's cheated death before, hasn't he?)
  • Mark has "retired" before.
  • Johro;588576 said:
    Mark has "retired" before.
    Indeed. I believe he said he was retiring the role after Arkham Asylum because he didn't think he could go out on a better note. Then they gave him the script for Arkham City.
  • I'm just going to leave this here.
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