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  • To be fair, by going back in time and altering the time stream they had advanced knowledge that Hugh Bliss was behind it. They probably could have made the jump on him and pasteurized him while he was still hanging out in the W.A.R.P. studio.
  • They could have gotten another contract.
  • Mirko;58873 said:
    [Spoiler] Not just another Contract, but everything they "needed to solve last years cases" [/Spoiler]

    This is what I think happened. Between them asking Bosco during 106 if he had the various things they could have used for 101-105 and the fact that they saw said stuff in 204, they probably just went back to Bosco for the contract.
  • I try not to think about the temporal anomalies of 204. They just make my head hurt.
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    Actually, I just don't see why everyone's so upset about this. I mean, in the old comics, S&M drive their DeSoto to the moon, ancient Egypt and the Third Reich! In the very first comic, the villain is "defeated" by accidental spontaneous combustion!

    Simply put: No, this is not the setting for a realistic plot nor is it intended to be. Heck, if it weren't more full of plot holes and weird (and convenient!) coincidences than the cheesiest of the cheesy pulp 50's/60's novels, it just wouldn't be the Sam & Max that we all love and cherish.
  • the funny thing is that time travel doesn't work at all and most probably never will. also, nobody knows how time travel would effect the present. there are different theories in various media, but i don't think any of them is scientificaly enough to be taken serious. so, they can do whatever they want and as long as it's entertaining you shouldn't worry to much.
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