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ideas to next csi game

posted by rudyst1 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
i know there has been a similar thread to this and i no that hard evidence just came out and all, which is a great game of course, but im just posting this to get other peoples opinions about improvements that be needed and a very kickass title
not that hard evidence wasnt, it was
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  • hey thats just a minor inconvenience /sarcasm
  • I also think there should be two different murders to solve in each case, to make it more like the show, and you can switch between murders as you want.
  • so you want ten cases but presented in pairs of two, is this correct???
  • That might not be a bad idea. I always think it's good to be able to go and do something else for a bit if you get stuck, it eases frustration. Although you'd have to cut down the number of cases overall in order to keep up the quality.
  • ever played the game condemned: criminal origins?

    what if csi takes on a whole new level just like that?

    u go to a crime scene and use special forensic tools to get the evidence and then go to the lab and process it. then, in certain points in the game, there can be criminals or junkies at a crime scene and u can use a taser or even a handgun to take them out and handcuff them. its just an idea i dont know

    wut do u think?
  • Ye i played Condemned and it would be a nice idea but then there would still be litlle number of cases
  • okay let me get this straight you want more casses and more cases per case???
    that means 15 cases with 3 cases each which equals 45 cases!!!! Thats crazy!!!

    rudyst your idea is nice but it is basicly a csi game but you have to taser uninvolved persons or persons who did not anything to deserve such a treatment. why tase or shoot someone if you can just ask
  • To be fair rudyst1 never said she/he wanted all of his/her ideas to be integrated into the game.

    I've not played condemned: criminal origins, but I looked at some gameplay videos and I have to say it's not my sort of thing. The audience for a CSI game is a very different one (read: casual) to that of condemned. Of course as I say this is based on videos I found on youtube, I've never played the game myself.
  • neon what you said is absolutly correct but i wanted to point out that some of the ideas arenot really practical for development and/or have a positive influence on the style of game
  • Yeah I know how it was meant, I just worry that it might seem like we're ganging up on rudyst1. Especially on a forum where you can't really discern someones tone of voice etc, things can come across as sounding like a personal attack even when they're not.
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