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Walking Dead pre-order problem

posted by Tjibbbe on - last edited - Viewed by 397 users

I pre-ordered Walking Dead yesterday, but I got stuck on the 'Your order is being processed'-screen (possibly due to a bad connection). The order doesn't show up in the 'My Orders'-list on the 'My Games'-screen, and I haven't received a confirmation e-mail from Telltale. I have been charged though, and I have also received a confirmation of my order from Paypal. My order number (according to the Paypal confirmation) is #600148981026258, and I ordered it through this account. For the record, I also sent an e-mail about this yesterday, but I thought it would get noticed a bit more quickly here. That mail got assigned the code 'issue-57367'. Feel free to ignore that mail if this gets solved through the forum.

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  • Hi,

    Our system indicates that we never received money from Paypal for that order. If you're certain the money was withdrawn from your account and you received a payment confirmation, please copy and paste the contents of the confirmation email to me in a PM here.

  • I just checked my account again, and the money was withdrawn. I send you a PM.
  • I'm looking into it now and will get it sorted ASAP. I apologize for the delay.
  • Michael Parks;590319 said:
    I'm looking into it now and will get it sorted ASAP. I apologize for the delay.
    No problem, I know this isn't your fault. Like I said, this connection has a habit of dropping out at inconvenient times. I suspect that something went wrong there.
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    also, you are unable to even GIFT the game
  • I have the same problem. I have the confirmation from paypal to say that funds have been transferred. I got stuck on the processing screen. Now I checked my online banking and funds haven't been taken out yet.
  • Seems the issue has been rectified now. It now mentions I'm preordered the walking dead, under my games list.

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