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A question regarding the plot in 204, could somebody help me?

posted by bai_ganyo BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 862 users
Why does the scanner print out 1 birthday per person and why exactly the one you get? Is there some logical explanation? At least, as I was playing it, I didn't get it.
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    bai_ganyo BANNED
    Zeek;59030 said:
    To answer the question, if you talk to the Mariachis enough, you will find out that the date is suppose to be a special day, not just their birthday.
    Thanks, that explains it. So Max's birthday ought to be a special day too. Since the two haven't appeared yet, I guess it will occur in 205 or 301 (or further on, depends on, when they will be back at the office), maybe his special birthday will be in hell and the mariachis will play him a jolly tune.

    And I also think, Stinky sold his soul to, or even is the devil (or it's unexplainable and not to be questioned EVER AGAIN)

    Don't forget, that Sam's still carrying Mr. Featherly around, maybe the mystery to Mr. Featherly's birthday is yet to be solved.
  • Max's birthday was the one in Stinky's where they were playing w/ Bluster Blaster.
  • Tester Scott;59070 said:
    I figured since that is who was originally being asked about I didn't need to mention him again.
    ah ha
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    bai_ganyo BANNED
    But if T-H-E-M only appear on "special" birthdays, they shoudn't appear on Superballs "made" birthday, shoud they?
    I know, this is pedantic, but we're all nerdy pc adventure assholes after all.
  • I'm not one of the designers so I could be totally off base, but I believe the Mariachis mention that they go to all birthdays, but do it in such a way that you completely forget about it until next year. As for the Birthdater, they go to all birthdays but not necessarily in chronological order, so most likely it is selecting the next birthday that they need to sing.
  • Which falls in nicely to the whole "you justed miss T-H-E-M" lines you can hear during the second act of the came.
  • bai_ganyo;59077 said:
    Thanks, that explains it. So Max's birthday ought to be a special day too.
    Max's birthday was on a pomp night, the night that he had the opportunity to loose his white rabbitty fur.
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