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Nice Reference to hit the road

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I liked the reference to the human Enigma (can't spell this) the weird tap head person XD I renember him in hit the road :p
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  • items and things....
    veeeeery different :rolleyes:
  • What, no mention of Bosco's having an abundance of Guns, Ammo, and Baby Needs?
  • Cyberlink420;59090 said:
    What, no mention of Bosco's having an abundance of Guns, Ammo, and Baby Needs?
    Aye, I noticed that in 204, as well as the robot disaster in 201 that re-arranged the block so that it more closely resembled Hit the Road (removal of the Esperanto book store location, pushing Bosco's next to the office, the car parking behind Bosco's, etc.)
  • And yet another one when you click on the periscope and Sam makes a comment about a pigeon AA meeting being held on the roof of Bosco's store. In HtR, there were pigeons roosting on Bosco's and drinking booze.
  • I think most of Senile-Sam's quotes were just parodies of Adventure games in general rather than HtR specifically. "I can't use those [items/things] together" in particular is pretty much the catchphrase of the genre.
  • by the way I loved the many references to other video games :

    202 : Duke Nukem on the crate.
    203 : "Sub Zero" sound from the Mortal Kombat movie remix on the DJ table.

    I've found those two, but may have miss others...
  • Almost all of 105 was references to one video game or another.

    In 204, Bluster Blaster has a classic 80's arcade game on it.
  • Quuux;58712 said:
    Actually I'm fairly certain that relates to the Hitchhikers game, where you need a few different types of lint.
    It's both.. Hitchhiker's had the lint originally and Leisure Suit Larry 1 had the useless inventory object as a nod to Hitchhikers.
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