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Favorite Sam & Max Quote?

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My favorite is from Sam & Max 202: Moai Better Blues

Flint Papers:
"Woah kids, you don't want to see Flint Paper's world... I've seen things... *Background pans out* Stay in drugs, don't do school; yada, yada... Just leave the grownups to their business, CAPICHE?"
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  • Well, I can think of three of them off the top of my head. First from the cartoon, 'The Trouble with Gary'.

    Max: "'Immense Military Arsenal'...Ha, thats funny."
    Sam: "What? Does my Arsenal look big in thses pants?"

    And from 'Abe Lincoln Must Die!'

    Sam: "'Please Do Not Feed the Submarine'."
    Max: "What can you feed a submarine anyway?"
    Sam: "Nothing. Weren't you listening?"

    And from 'What's New Beelzebub?'

    Max: "Let's stay for a while. I wana see how you give a Giant Stone head a lapdance."
  • "What's the matter little fella? Are you bored? Are you sleepy?"

    "Are you sensing my desire to turn you into a QUIET LITTLE HAND BAG!?"
  • im not sure whats my favourite but one i love is from sam and max season 1 but i cnt remember the episode

    Max: Sam What language is he speaking? Sam: I think it's Eng-lish Max: (Gasps)
  • Also the classic, "I'm a trout, stupid" -max ,HTR
  • After Sam getting off the phone
    Max: Another confused census taker?
    Sam: Actually it was the commissioner with another idiotic and baffling assignment
  • Sam's mom: "Sam, it's your mother calling to wish you a good morning. Be careful, honey and try not to get shot today, okay?"
    Sam: "Doesn't she know I'm old enough to make my own decisions about getting shot?"
  • Max: Amazing! I had no idea my skull was threaded for such easy access
    Sam: Quick! Press down on the medulla oblongata! Five bucks says he smells burnt toast!
  • Wait I have a new one after reading that Strange Kid Club interview
    Max is in drag
    Sam: You look just like my Aunt Trudy before they took her cutlery away.
    Sam: Just the lingering taste of napalm. Otherwise I'm okay, although I can't for the life of me remember the word for orange.
  • There's already a thread for this, guys...

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