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Post Your Poetry Thread

posted by Iryon on - last edited - Viewed by 929 users
So as we already have a great General Art thread, I thought we could need a similar thread for posting poetry.
As I've been around this forums for some time now, I am sure that there are at least as many poets here as there are artists.

In other words: Let This Thread Be

A thread for words from heart and mind,
For pictures drawn by poetry;
A place where some of us may find
A world of true tranquillity;
Where others find a place to dive
In thoughts as raging as the sea;
Where heart and mind and spirit thrive,
'Tis what this thread is meant to be.
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  • O Honey Badger,
    How you don't "give a shit".
    Even when you are bitten by a snake,
    Or clobbered by a rake,
    You just shrug it off.

    When it comes to food you are no scoff.
    Everything's a potential meal,
    As long as it has breath and can feel.

    Don't you ever get ill?
    Don't you ever feel a chill?
    Not even a little shake or fit?
    I guess not. For you do not give a shit.

    A Sumatran Rat Monkey has got nothing on you,
    And King Kong would rather go to a zoo,
    Your streaks of black and white, not unlike a Badger or a Skunk,
    Though those animals balls would truly be shrunk,
    If they ever had to be in the same room as your poo,
    But I wouldn't blame them, for I am afriad of you too!

    *need to finish this later*
  • Calories 200
    Total Fat 1g
    Saturated Fat 0g
    Trans Fat
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Sodium 7mg
    Total Carbohydrate 36g
    Dietary Fiber 11g
    Sugars 6g
    Protein 13g
  • They look like battery cells,
    Filled with liquid that tastes like acid.
    Cold to the touch. Metallic.
    But I need them.

    Or do I need them?

    Extra energy to the system,
    The surge of power,
    Hydrolites working in unison to make me feel top of the world!
    Yet, after a while that passes.

    Like Icarus that flew to close the sun,
    I crash and burn.
    With each "cell" the effect diminishes,
    And the recoil only grows stronger.
    But I need them.

    Did I ever need them?

    Was it energy, or was it just time that I needed?
    More time,
    Better time,
    Time to do both what I want to do, and what I need to do!
    But I feel like I still need them.

    Again, maybe it is not time, nor the energy, but the drive!
    To change the man behind the wheel!
    Could I trust the man that drives me?
    Will he drive me to salvation or oblivion?
    I do not know.

    At least I think I do not know,
    But then again, the answer may have already been there,
    In the blind spot of the mind.

    The place between the world of thought and the world of dreams,
    A place where no clear path is set,
    A place where its easy to get lost in the void without a guide,
    But can I trust the man behind the wheel to lead me there?

    Can I trust him to take me back?

    By now, the cold fluid once again flows around my system.

    It reaches the hands first,
    My fingers quiver as the stuff overwhelms the nerves.

    Then it reaches the feet,
    They shake and tremble in awe of its power.

    It reaches the heart,
    The heart beats to a new rhythm now.

    Finally, even the mind itself submits to its awesome force.
    A mind of fire temporarily cooled and focused,
    A mind able to do as it is commanded and more!

    But can it truly see what it needs to do?

    Again, is it the engine or the driver that needs to change?

    The effect is already passing now,
    The system has begun to shutdown once more,
    I need to recharge!
    I need to refuel!
    But do I really need to?

    Did I ever need to?
  • On mountains iced by winter's frost
    I wander forth till I get lost
    In valley dark or forrest deep,
    Where many trees and beasts asleep
    Are waiting for the sun of Spring
    When vernal birds begin to sing.
  • This is is the limit of my Poetic ability:
    Roses are red (But are also available in other colours)
    Violets are blue (No, there not. They're purple and it even states so in the name.)
    I've got OCD and so have you. Or should it be CDO? Since I know how some people like listing acronyms alphabetically.
  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Will you go out with me
    Now I kidnapped you
  • Seven Squeaky Silhouettes
    Knock knock knock
    Only taxes and cellophane
    Hanging the filth out to dry
    Frapuccino whore?
  • The hours are passing.
    Evening falls.
    Darkness takes hold of the Land.
    Lanterns are lit in the Dark.
    Guiding the Way.
    Illuminating the Paths for weary travellers.
    Strangers in this land,
    Yet Siblings to us all.
  • Gender equality

    Get back
    Into the kitchen
    Because that is where you belong
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