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  • I wasn't sure about this at first, but their recent FAQ updates made the whole thing more interesting to me, so I put in some filthy lucre.

    If they can somehow convince Scott Murphy to come out of video-game retirement then it will be worth every penny.
  • BagginsKQ;593421 said:
    ...and personally, if there is a game to come out, I'll fund it when it is out, if I want it... I won't fund something that potentialy might not see the light of day, with possible risk.
    That's definitely a wise policy. I had no trouble making an exception for the DFA project because the developers have something at risk themselves. I mean, Double Fine is already a going concern, with a current, recent track record for releasing high-quality games with Metacritic scores in the 80s known for their distinctive style and humor; plus the studio has a largely favorable reputation among gamers, for being responsive and playing fair with them -- there's a lot of good will there they put effort into acquiring. I don't think they would risk any of that lightly. So... I was willing to take the chance. :)
  • Apparently they already have, the only thing they have to sort out is working out acquiring the rights to use the Space Quest license.
  • thom-22;593535 said:

    I think it begs the question, though, why did they announce a game before they had concrete plans and funding to make it? And now they're talking, speculatively, about other projects for which they don't even have rights! That borders on slimy AFAIC. I'm sorry, but this Replay company has utterly failed to gain my respect or confidence.

    From the looks of the situation, I think they got stuck and didn't have many options.. There's no question that the scenario for a Kickstarter campaign could have been better than it is, but running with it this way seems to have been their only choice.

    I think it's pretty admirable that this is basically former Sierra employees trying to make it happen... Ideally, they'd have a company with a better logo/name/website (all of which seem to provoke unfortunate skepticism) --but it hardly seems worth sitting back and hoping that they try this again.

    Schafer talked about his success in terms of "having a good story to tell" and they're struggling to pull together that narrative.. As unfortunate as all that is, this may be the only chance Sierra gets -- and I'll put my faith in Al Lowe / Josh Mandel / Paul Trowe / Scott Murphy to eventually become the best possible custodians of these games... even if it looks thrown together right now.

    -- And here's an amazing Scott Murphy interview.
  • That is a pretty big only thing, but if they do manage it, that would be awesome.
  • I'm looking forward to this but I'll be paying for a copy once it's been released. I can only afford so much these days and my current Kickstarter cash is reserved for the return of Tex Murphy.
  • I wish I could pledge money to every one of these projects. But money is tight around here.
  • Yeah that is the bad thing about these bandwagon jumpers.. I wonder what will be next..

    I loved the Larry games though.. They were always funny... I am looking forward the them getting around to updating 2-6 more.... Then making a legitimate Larry 8.
  • Yeah, money is a little tight atm for me too but I can afford the minimum $15. Plus, you don't get charged until the end of the pledge date, which is a month away. I would love to see a remake of LSL1. I'm glad Al Lowe is behind this.
  • Why would it still be going?

    It's another essentially dead IP from the glory days of Sierra...

    I'm not sure if its seen a rerelease in years... Not even under Vivendi... No one knows if the rights were kept or sold off to other parties... Maybe the Coles retain some of the copyrights, as they have used elements from the games on their School for Heroes (including use of some of the characters, races, places, from the games, but sometimes radically reimagined), which is copyrighted to Transolar Entertainment. But apparently do not have rights to the games themselves... School of Heroes website is currently closed for renovation, and there is a promise of a text based adventure/rpg? game version in the future maybe by 2013. Sounds like a MUD type thing... They are also working on a classic adventure apparently, but haven't released any names or information on it yet.

    They were also at one point going to attempt to release a series of novels based on the Quest for Glory series as well, but that fell through.

    This may be an issue of copyright limbo, where two parties share the copyrights, and its unclear who has rights to what.

    See also;
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