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ideas to next csi game

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i know there has been a similar thread to this and i no that hard evidence just came out and all, which is a great game of course, but im just posting this to get other peoples opinions about improvements that be needed and a very kickass title
not that hard evidence wasnt, it was
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  • alright so then we all agree that the whole condemned thing is out lol

    sorry about that
    i guess i wasnt thinking right when i said that
  • [QUOTE=Gresman;59158]okay let me get this straight you want more casses and more cases per case???
    that means 15 cases with 3 cases each which equals 45 cases!!!! Thats crazy!!!

    Well i actually never wanted more cases per case but just more cases lol
  • What I would like is better replay value. One way to do that is the possibility of arresting the wrong suspect by wrong interpretation of the evidence or by not having investigated all possible angles of the case (or collected all the evidence).

    Another idea that came to me after playing Hard Evidence and 3 Dimensions of Murder again, the ability to make more photographs (not restricted to certain moments and situations). Someone else said they wanted more involvement in interpreting the evidence; maybe a place where you can jot down your own thoughts and findings (like a personal journal), maybe incorporate the photos there.

    Just some thoughts to make a brilliant series of games even better.
  • I think that's spot on there amnesio. I can't remember if it was in 3 Dimensions but I thought the case file in Hard Evidence could have played a larger role, similar to what you are suggesting. I'm not exactly sure how one could incorporate it so that it works and is fun, but I really think it would improve the game if the developers can find a way.

    Oddly enough I thought the exact same thing after I played the Blade Runner game.
  • well this thread has gone cold for a month! lol
  • Let's heat up again:)
  • what about csi, i have no any idea. can anyone tell me in detail actually what is this.
  • We love the idea of allowing users to make-your-own crime, but it turns out there are many legal problems with doing this. (Licensing issues)
    Oh boy, this got me a great idea (that will be rejected).

    Why not play AS the criminals as you try to avoid getting caught by the CSI? You can of course try to stop the subtle clues from being revealed by the CSI, argue against the CSI's evidence they did collect to you as "somewhat faulty, therefore you gotta acquit me"...or, best of all, bribe one of the CSI agents in order to rule you out as the suspect!

    It'd be cool! :D
  • I had some suggestions back in one of my posts in the CSI Wiki:
    This is it:
    1.Control and switch between 6 players-3 CSIs per case (everyone with his/her own field of specialty),Hodges (Analyses evidence),Captain Brass (interrogates and has his own field of specialty when it comes to investigating a scene) and Doc. Al. Robins (does autopsy and investigates the body at the scene)
    2.Full copy of the original crime lab with many different laboratories-Not only the trace lab and the garage like in the previous games !!!Every lab has different machines which can analyse different pieces of evidence
    3.Interactive evidence collection-The tools are being handled by you.For example when you have found blood,you click on the water vial and drag it on the swab.Then you click at the swab and drag it on the blood stain until you have collected enough DNA for analysis
    4.New Evaluation-The CSI Team regroups at the Break Room and their leader comments on how well they did on the case.What matters is:1.The number of evidence collected,2.How many correct speech options were chosen,3.How many times you clicked "Confirm Match" while being wrong,4.Analyses finished
    5.Speech Options-No click on the only speech option anymore.There are 3 speech options for every question and when you are wrong the suspect's patience level lowers and you have to restart the interview/interrogation when you are wrong
    6.Puzzles-Like CSI:NY the game!!! As long as they are logical
    7.3D Graphics-Do I need to say anything else ?
    8.Freeroam in:the Homicide Department and the Crime Lab but not in the morgue.It should remain point and click like the crime scenes
    9.Cinematics/Movies:We need more and we want them more photorealistic
    10.Achievements if connected to Windows Live! or XBOX Live!
    11.Chases now and then-Well at least 1/case
  • Well about the multi-player
    you could do this:

    Have a number of default objects and you could release a custom scene could work in Single Player too...or you could upload them and download others...

    And won't some disclaimer about all resemblances are random be enough with the licensing ?
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