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  • jonathanfrisby;593564 said:
    this may be the only chance Sierra gets -- and I'll put my faith in Al Lowe / Josh Mandel / Paul Trowe / Scott Murphy to eventually become the best possible custodians of these games... even if it looks thrown together right now.
    See, this is exactly why I made the criticism I did about the Replay quote in your opening post -- they're leaving people with the implication that this is the resurrection of Sierra. I'm skeptical that there's any truth in the statement that they're "in the middle of negotiations" for KQ etc. and the info on the Kickstarter page now seems to imply otherwise. Even if they have such ambitions, they have no business talking about licenses they don't have.

    I feel really bad for Larry fans that they didn't keep the focus there. The video was good but I think Lowe should get out in front on this, give the impression that his vision and initiative are driving it, and share a little more about what remake/reload/re-imagining of LSL1 really means.
  • BagginsKQ;593827 said:
    Why would it still be going?

    It's another essentially dead IP from the glory days of Sierra...

    I'm not sure if its seen a rerelease in years... Not even under Vivendi... No one knows if the rights were kept or sold off to other parties...


    This may be an issue of copyright limbo, where two parties share the copyrights, and its unclear who has rights to what.
    On the bright side, if absolutely nothing is done with the trademark for a certain amount of time (not the case for KQ, SQ etc. as they have seen releases on Steam + GoG), then I think the trademark lapses and could be reclaimed by the original creators. Then again, I'm not a lawyer so I could be wrong.
  • Trademark is not the same thing as copyright. Copyrights are sustained for a long time in most places and then ownership doesn't "revert" to anyone; it goes into the public domain. Original creators as I think you meant it have no legal standing. If they created the work while employed by or under contract to some other entity, that entity owns the IP and the individuals that actually developed it have no claims on it.
  • Funding seems to have slowed WAY down.. I think it may be an uphill battle until the deadline.... I REALLY hope it makes it because any future publisher WILL use this against the franchise.
  • I noticed that it seemed to have just died out. I looked at it this morning and started to be concerned whether it would even be successful at all. :/
  • I've pledged my $100. I seriously hope this makes its goal--the pitch video was great, and I really want my boxed copy. :D
  • I'm going to pledge a hundred. I feel like an investor. I'm glad classics are coming back for a new generation...well...a skipped...you know what I like games.
  • I've pledged my $115. Good luck Al!!!
  • Oh but I love the LSL games! (They're the second Sierra games I played, don't you know!) I'll have to see if I can't pledge at least $15.

    (crikey, the prizes go up to $50,000?! Almost a bargain!)
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