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Favourite dinosaur

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what is your favourite dinosaur
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  • I prefer the raptors because they are very intelligent . I believe they are so smart that I could actually discuss with them .
    Ehh , what ? Did I say something wrong :confused: :rolleyes: ?
  • T163 wrote: »
    The Troodon just didn't strike a chord with me. It looks too much like those PBS dinos compared to the others.
    The Raptors seemed a little bit less intelligent than they should have been. Also, there were raptors. Remember that according to Muldoon, the raptor pack was only 3-4 members strong. One of those got locked in a freezer, another eaten by the Rex.
    The Dilo was fine, it was accurate to the movie version.
    I can't vote for a Parasaur on a list of Carnivores.
    The Triceratops sequence was pretty cool, but that beginning part had some missteps. Gerry was already at the sick tritops when the tour reached her, and they were in an Explorer, not in a Jeep.

    For me, because of the reasons listed, the Rex wins. She was a great antagonist, without really being a villian.

    Dr. Sorkin mentioned in the game that the Raptors were from Site B. (They were in quarantine pens like the Troodons, but in different pens.)

    I have to vote for the Rex. Always my favorite.
  • I love them all dammit! :P

    But I voted for the Raptors since they're my favourites from the film, and have some of the best scenes in the game.
    But I LOOOOVED the Parasaurolophus part!!! You can simply watch them for hours if you want! :)
  • Mine is Dilophosaurus. It looks nice. The novel one looks nice too. It is yellow with black spots and red crests. But the movie one looks nice too. Including the frill. I also liked the fact that they can spit paralyzing venom. It must help them a lot.
  • but the real dilophosaurus didn't have a frill and it was bigger and it wasn't poisonousdilophosaurus17bis.jpg
  • Bladeking wrote: »
    but the real dilophosaurus didn't have a frill and it was bigger and it wasn't poisonousdilophosaurus17bis.jpg

    To be fair, the toxicity is open for debate, since poison glands don't fossilize.

    He also did say he liked the Movie version, which does spit.
  • yeah you are right organs didn't get fossilize but i didn't know if he was talking about the movie or the real one
  • I picked Velociraptor since its my 3rd fave dino, because Brachiosaurus and Spinosaurus aren't on there. I love it because once its after you, there's no hope. Its fast, intelligent, and is ready to kill 24/7.
  • not really, because if you look at them in the kitchen scene very closely you cpes on themn actually see stripes on the raptors
  • Here is my top 5 favorite dinosaurs:

    1. Raptor

    2. Tyrannosaurus

    3. Dilophosaurus

    4. Troodon

    5. Spinosaurus
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