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Telltale "Almost Everything Pack". Isn't it a bit too much? :)

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I noticed you're offering with preorders of The Walking Dead a game bundle called the "Almost Everything Pack". It's really an incredible deal. You get "almost all" games Telltale has ever produced for just $2 for each season! ($20 / 10 different seasons = $2).

$2 for each season?! And each season contains 4 to 7 episodes, with several hours of gameplay each.

While this is a really great deal, I think it's too extreme. You're devaluating your games too much. You're selling one of your most recent games, Jurassic Park, for $2! (no doubt shortly there'll be the obligatory snarky comment about how that's still too much to pay for such a QTE-infested experience :rolleyes:). But seriously, that game is just a few months old!! Furthermore, you're also throwing in the mix the just released Law & Order Legacies, which was released this year! (and the latter episodes were released just weeks ago!). Why this deeeeep descount for everything including brand new releases?

And you're not even marketing the bundle in the right way. You say it's 8 full games, just because the Sam & Max logo takes just one spot out of the eight you have in the bundle advert, but Sam & Max Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are three full games in their own right, which were also released in 3 different years! So it's clearly 3 games, which makes 10 full games total. Why advertise this bundle as being only 8 games? You're even further devaluating the whole thing!

I'm no marketing expert, but I think probably most people coming for the The Walking Dead game didn't have most of the previous TTG games, so this was a good moment to sell additional copies of your back catalog, so why "almost" give it away for peanuts?!

I know that companies always offer discounts in old titles, but this is ridiculous, and some titles are not even that old. So now I know I must never buy TTG games when they come out, since they'll be extremely heavily discounted not so long after...
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  • Like you said, most of the titles being sold are pretty old and well past the time when sales hit their peak. Hell, even BttF was a year ago. PA2, Hector, and Law and Order are all fairly nichey, so they're far more likely to be sold this way than on their own.

    As for Jurassic Park...well, I'm trying not to be so vocal about it anymore. ;)

    I find it strange they wouldn't include Tales (and to a lesser extent Wallace and Gromit) in the pack, though.
  • It's easy to say each season is worth $2 but it would be fairer to work out the relative cost of each season by age - older games are worth less than newer ones. Also, it's just a simple and good way to sell games that won't sell much in the future.
    RAnthonyMahan;595261 said:
    I find it strange they wouldn't include Tales (and to a lesser extent Wallace and Gromit) in the pack, though.
    It's probably due to the fact that they would need permission from the licence holders and either they didn't get permission or they didn't feel that it was worth the bother.
  • Well I was waiting for such an opportunity. I was interested in Puzzle Agent 2 as well as Hector but was waiting for a discount on Telltale website. Last year christmas sale was disappointing so I didn't buy anything. And now I get both Puzzle Agent 2 and all Hector + Jurassic Park (was a bit interested in that too) + Law & Order (wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't in a pack) + Strong Bad (wouldn't have bought it neither) + Walking Dead (interested in that one too :-) ). I already got all the other games.

    Anyway, that sure is a great promo. But it doesn't seem to me that the word has been spread enough around the web about that promo.
  • $42.99?!? Well that's hardly going to make a lot of profit, now is it!
  • It seems a little crass to do viral marketing on one's own forum.
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