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Riddles of Monkey Island: time to recruit for this fan game!

posted by OzzieMonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 14K users
Yes, that's right, I'm making a monkey island fan game after the fan game post on the tales blog (thanks SWP) inspired me to do so. Only
thing is, it's just the highway and me working on it, so I want you guys, the MI fan community to pitch in and help
make a successful game, whether that's giving story ideas or volunteering for a specific position. I'm also going to be holding auditions for voice actors aswel ( although guybrush is taken, well, at least one of them, hehe), but for now any contributions to content would be great.

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  • @dmassing, we're actually at the stage of the game/episode where we're finally starting to build it, meaning that the script is essentially finished, most of our backgrounds are completed, and quite a number of our sprites are complete, with the rest in a concept stage, and things are finally progressing past the pre-production phase, and into the development stage.
    I regret to tell you that we're already working on a menu interface - one which also fits in a little better with the overall theme of the game itself.
    What you've created here is marvelous, though; I love what you've done; your style is very distinctive and appealing.

    So, from what I've seen here, you'd be welcome to come aboard, even be it simply for concept art and planning of visuals. And I'm sure your animation skills will come in handy as well. I'll just run everything by the rest of the team, and we'll see if we've got room to welcome in another member ;)

    @Azure, okay, you're simply wonderful. What I've heard from that video of yours is just terrific. You would be great to have in the project, and I can think of a few roles that you could potentially fill (both minor and major). Thank you so much for offering to lend your voice to this project.

    For the time being, though, we probably won't need to be recording dialogue just yet, as we'll do that towards the end of the episode's production, when the majority of it is complete. I'll be sure to contact you at that time.

    By the way, though, just wondering, are you capable of doing a competent impression of the Voodoo Lady, by any chance? She's one of the female characters who will feature quite prominently throughout the course of the game, and to get a good voice for her would be excellent!
  • Sorry for the slow reply! TBH I don't think I'd be able to pull off voodoo lady, I will keep an ear out for people who might be able to do it though!
  • A new screen for those who haven't seen it yet:
  • Perfect screen! Well done!
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    so when should the game come out
  • Wow, it looks really great!! Are you guys still working on this?
    If you need any help please let me know! I'm mainly a composer/sound designer but maybe there's some other things that I can help with..
  • Wow, it looks really great!! Are you guys still working on this?
    If you need any help please let me know! I'm mainly a composer/sound designer but maybe there's some other things that I can help with..
  • Yes, it's being worked on, although very slowly. It's definitely picked up a little.

    To the team members, you should check out the forum.
  • Hey folks, I don't mean to dig up old threads, but I've got to ask, is the project canceled like the Eurogamer article says? If so, what happened?
  • It is, unfortunately. A lot of material and news from the project had been circulated, and we were probably lucky to avoid getting a C&D shoved under our noses already. So we thought it best to pull the plug while we still could, before we got caught up in any legal trouble; we just want to be safe, basically, especially when you're talking about a company like Disney.

    This is all very sad, I know, and nobody's more disappointed than we are, after all the hard work we'd put into the game. Things were moving slowly, admittedly, but the spark and the excitement were still there; the project WAS still alive. But this is just the nature of the industry, unfortunately, and we're a victim of it.

    With that being said, however, we're currently discussing the (very large) possibility of working together on an original concept. So hopefully the spirit of the project (at least) will be carried on into a new creation.

    Thank you for all of your interest and excitement about the project. It's really quite flattering and it means a lot.
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