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What if the fans want an open world zombie game?

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In a interview about the game it was said that they didn't want to make another open world game. I was just thinking about how cool it would be, I was just wondering how many of you would still like to see a open world The walking Dead game. Add your own ideas and what you think would be cool. I think that using hoards of zombies as a deterrent for travel would be cool. Also figuring out how you would deal with other people you come across. Would you befriend them or kill them on site just to take their gear. I mean what would you gain from letting them join your group. A carpenter could help you make better barricades and a mechanic could fix cars. If you kill them on site then you will never know.
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  • Open world games make it harder to tell a story, and I think this one is pretty heavy on the narrative. I don't think an open world zombie game would fit the Walking Dead. I would love an open world zombie game with a few RPG elements, but this makes it easier to focus on human interaction.

    I would buy a zombie open world game if it had RPG elements Fallout style. In fact, I think Bethesda might be the best developer to make it.
  • Looks like you should play "Dead rising" saga.

    TWD it's more "realistic", i mean, how would you deal with the respawn after dying? And which targets and objective missions would be right for TWD? A couple.

    A RPG zombie surviving horror game would not work. Gets boring quickly. Not to mention could'nt be TWD.
  • Very much agreed, a open world styled adaptation of TWD as a whole would not work. Bethesda would be the go to developer for a game like that though. jus not telltale or anyone else for that matter. i do like the idea though an hopefully just maybe after this game is out an its impact is enough, those of us who do want a open world decison making moral affecting free roam zombie game. the market just may be open to such a game.
  • there will be some areas that are open they already stated that.
  • How about an action/roguelike zombie game where the city/world is randomly generated each time and dying is permanent? That might actually be kind of fun, although not really fitting for The Walking Dead.
  • Not to promote another game on the site, but Dead State might be what you're looking for. If it ever comes out, that is. From what I can tell it's just a VERY small team making the game, and by small I mean less than five (?). Looks interesting though. Not connected to TWD but not a fps either.
    (I'm not connected with that game in any way. I just check the website for updates which are few and far between.)
  • Dead state looked good but I doubt its ever coming out it has been in the making for like 3 years without much to show for it and now they are trying to do that kickstarter thingto get money of the fans. Seems like its vaporware.
    Project zomboid is open world as well.
  • Play Dead island though it kinda lacks a good storyline but it was still a fun game.
  • Look up Class 3 and Class 4
    Coming out for Xbox by the development team, Undead Labs. Look it up, drool over it, I know I am.
  • Telltale only make adventure games, so of course open world games are out of the question.
    Open world games make it harder to tell a story, as was the case for "dead Island". I got bored of that quickly, as it didn't have a deep narrative to pull me in.
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