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Any news for an xbox release?

posted by zmally on - last edited - Viewed by 321 users
Just wondering if anything's been said about releasing this game for the xbox? I know about a year ago it was announced TTG had started a deal with Microsoft (?) for releasing xbla games, but I haven't heard anything since :(
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  • Well, with The Walking Dead Telltale's officially returned to XBLA, so that's good news, at least.

    However, while I can't speak for Telltale, it seems right now making new games is more of a priority than porting old ones. But look on the bright side. A while ago Telltale was determined to port everything they could on the PS3. Now they're trying to port everything to iOS. Maybe the 360 will be the subject of their next case of porting fever. :p
  • Yeah, I'd chalk that one up as 'not gonna happen' right now and 'rather unlikely' in the future. I'd gladly be proven wrong, though, as an X360 port would be a day-one purchase for me
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