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Check out Sam & Max trailer!

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For those who hadn't noticed yet, the trailer is now live on!

If it happens to hitch on your PC, let it play all the way through one time. It will play smoothly for you the next times through.

Downloadable versions will be available on Monday!

- Joel
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    thanx bassguy,you are a genius!!!!
    You're very welcome, Cheerleader7. It wasn't any trouble.
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    Opinions are mix.

    I can handle the graphics fine. I love that they are animated makes them feel more Sam & Max.

    Violence in trailer is good in the humerious way.

    The thing that got me is the voices. Like everyone commented if you played the games for XX hours in a darken room the voices really narriated the game. I can still hear sam and max voice when I close my eyes.

    To me something about voice of Sam in the trailer is amazingly reality breaking. It doesn't make me feel confortable about the game or bring back the connetion of the game.

    Max for most of the lines in the trailer works. One or two get close to reality breaking but not too close.

    Though no matter what I am buying this game :)

    Thanks for making a trailer can't wait for the game :D
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    I hope Telltale takes the voice comments people have posted here seriously.

    By the way, Bassguy, I think it's "through the murky stuff of a human psyche", just to be an annoying nitpicker.
    Also, I'm sure SSB: Brawl is going to be great. ;)
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    I know it's hard to find voices that will satisfy every Sam and Max fan, but I think they did a nice job. Sure, Hit the Road is still light-years ahead, but the consumer can't have everything. I think they did a nice job replacing the voice actors.

    Just so long as they put a little more oomph into the lines, especially the guy who plays Sam, I'll be satisfied.
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    While the voices and timing in the trailer are, in my opinion, positively appalling, I'm not going to make a big deal about such things because I know how much is uncertain and subject to change at this point. I appear to be in the minority here because I truthfully enjoyed the cartoon's voice acting for Max far better than even Hit the Road. Robert Tinkler came across as MUCH more 'insane' in the show and generally sounded like the more professional voice actor. My two cents: Max's voice in the trailer was far too childish (do NOT tell me 'that's how he's supposed to sound' -- no child I know carries dangerous weapons) and Sam's voice was acceptable, but suffered the same verbiage overdose as in the TV show. Yes, what applies for Max doesn't necessarily apply for Sam, if that makes any sense. TIMING is absolutely essential with these two.

    What really surprised me was the fluidity of the animation. Top notch. Telltale has REALLY captured the kind of 'saturday morning cartoon' look to its animation through working with the artists. I didn't expect next-generation graphics (they've never been the most important part of the S&M games, which is perhaps why we all seem to care more about the voices) so the 'polygonal' look of the trailer did not disappoint me. I was still very pleased.

    Loved the DeSoto convertible, too. It's something I've always thought Purcell should do. :))
  • Sam's voice was acceptable, but suffered the same verbiage overdose as in the TV show.
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    I would have written up a reply sooner, but E3 kept me quite busy.

    I have mixed feelings about the trailer, too.

    The animation is spot on. It looks as good, if not better than Sam & Max: Freelance Police (the game that LucasArts foolishly cancelled). The new Desoto looks especially nice. However, the voices are a different matter. I don't particularly like Sam's new voice. I cannot put my finger on it, but it doesn't sound right. Max's new voice sounds okay. In general, though, the voice acting sounds a bit forced. Although, I'm sure that the voice actors will improve in time for the first episode. Still, it's a shame that Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson were not available, or were demanding too much cash (whichever the case may be).

    Regardless, I still cannot wait to play the game. It's near the top of my "must have" list, and this year's E3 has put a lot on that list.
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    Maybe I'm just getting too damned liberal as I get older but I actually thought the voices were quite appealing, certainly Max could use a little more oomph but it was a moment of glee when Sam uttered his time-honoured "Can't think of a reason not to."

    My only issue really is with Max, the voice actor sounds a tiny bit disinterested, like his heart really isn't in it. If there was more passion to Max's voice, I'd have no trouble with it at all. Sam's voice is perfect. I admit it might be spoken through the teeth a tiny bit but it's still really, really good.

    I like it mostly because I'm a big fan of film noir, I love it all, whether it's the actual stuff or our good friend Tex Murphy doing a Sci-fi rendition of it. It's all good fun. Now I see Sam as a sort of satire of film noir detective films, albeit as a 6 foot Dog-thing. So the voice actually sort of fits.

    If the voices stayed as they are now, I'd be more than satisfied. If the dude doing Max put in a little more emotion, I'd be overjoyed. All in all, they're definitely voices I can live with.

    Oh and for those that're interested, I preferred the cartoon over the game, voices-wise and in many other ways. The cartoon actually allowed for greater differentiation between characters. I didn't feel like there was enough of that in the first game, all it seemed was that Max was a slightly more violent version of Sam and that Sam was a somewhat more intellectual version of Max.

    I think they really grew thanks to the cartoon, perhaps that's just how I see it, I dunno. I played the original game back when it was first released and I did love it but portraying the characters wasn't its strongest point if you ask me. That took a back seat to outright zany.

    I can't decide whether the new game is following the previous game or the comics and the 'toon more yet. The more sombre voices seem to dictate that it's leaning towards the comics, yet it does have a large amount of incredibly zany over the decidedly subtle levels of well-cultured insanity seen in the comics.
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    OK Telltale - it's Monday. Gimme gimme gimme!
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    I loved the trailer and thought the voices were perfect. I was pretty surprised to see all this fuss being made about them. Just watched it again and, yep, no gripes.
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