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The Simpsons!

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Yes a thread for the show The Simpsons of which I am a huge fan of. So post your thoughts about your favourite episodes characters ect.

And as always last weeks episode was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever.

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  • St_Eddie;595947 said:
    Lisa Simpson - Because like me, she is a vegetarian. I also like her because she's often the only voice of reason in an insane town. Her incredibly strong ethics are admirable.

    Marge Simpson - Because she reminds me of my own Mum and she's such a caring character, who's full of compassion and is a devoted to her family.
    Squeaky-Voiced Teen - Because he consistently makes me laugh![/CENTER]
    Doesn't Gill get a lick!?

  • coolsome;596122 said:
    Doesn't Gill get a lick!?

    [CENTER]Aw, poor old Gil. He tries so hard.[/CENTER]
  • Jennifer;596069 said:
    Futurama is much better than either South Park or the Simpsons in my opinion.
  • I love this show. I have seen 11 seasons of this show. For me King of the Hill(s9, e23) is the best episode.
  • I think on the last episode of the Simpsons Smithers and Mr Burns should get married.
  • coolsome;609613 said:
    I think on the last episode of the Simpsons Smithers and Mr Burns should get married.
    Assuming of course that Springfield isn't in North Carolina.
  • Haven't Watched in years, but I always loved;

    Homer at Bat
    22 short films about Springfield
    Bart Carny
    Homer the Smithers
    You Only Move Twice
  • The show used to be really good. Should have been put to pasture a long time ago.
  • One thing I dislike about the newer episodes (the one isn't meant to mean this is the only thing) is how the background characters keep getting bigger parts in the show especially The Rich Texan and Moe, there seems to have been endless episodes about his backstory and depression. I find his Flanderization more jarring than Flanders how did he change from just the ugly, surly and hateful bartender who secretly reads to the homeless and children at the hospital to this guy who always seems to be trying to commit suicide or lamenting how bad his life is. There were great old episodes that dealt with Moe in a sidestory like Bart Sell his Soul and Raging Homer.

    Here's a question what episode(s) did you think the show jumped the shark?
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