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The Last Item You Purchased?

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 81.5K users
What was it? Whether it was a packet of chips, a video game, a CD, a magazine, a gun, a flower, a yacht or an island, post it here.

My most recent purchase was a CD - Dream Theater's "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence".
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  • der_ketzer;597242 said:
  • Okay. If they still say no just ask for your money back and I'll buy you the game. This is ridonkulous.

    I should really get into the kitchen and make some popcorn.
  • Chyron8472;597235 said:
    Okay, so they're not backing down on this, but they're being somewhat polite about it...
    Of course they're being polite. They're trying to take you for a mug. It's an obvious scam! :rolleyes:


    You're not an idiot, so please think about this from a logical perspective!
    Chyron8472;597235 said:
    umm... I'm unsure whether I should concede. I do know that my wife would not.
    Use your head, man. Your wife is smart.
  • Chyron8472;597243 said:
    email sent from my end:
    I'm not comfortable with sending that. I'm really not. If I do send it, I know that I will later question myself for having done so.

    I don't know what reason you have for thinking me a scammer. If I was a scammer, I wouldn't be going to all this trouble. I'm just a US citizen who heard about your sale and was interested in making a purchase.

    I got this in response:
    Dear Customer

    Be advised please that it's a games shop and we have no intention to hack your account.
    We have over 160000 satisfied customers so you can trust us.

    We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    Best Regards Team
  • Answer that you would appreciate it if they just send you your money back.

    Appreciate my ass!
    Edit: I am really getting angry over here.
  • Ah, mine's gone through! Yays.

    Also: Popcorn.


    I has it.
  • Chyron8472;597249 said:
    I got this in response:

    ... We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
    Tell them that they can 'co-operate' with the authorities, whom you'll be promptly informing!

    DO NOT DO IT! I'm telling you, man.
  • Sometimes it pays to be firm:
    Please, just send me my Steam key.

    I am not sending pictures of my photo ID as I do not consider it safe. If you can accept some other form of confirmation on my part, let me know, but I am not sending color scans of my ID to someone whom I have never dealt with before and

    If you refuse to complete my transaction, then I want my money back
    . Further, your company will also be reported to Paypal and to the Better Business Bureau.
    Dear customer

    Your order has been processed.
    Please check your inbox for the key or visit your account in our store.
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Please retain all history if you reply to this mail.

    Best Regards Support Team
    Now, I just need to figure out where that key is located.
  • Your key will be in a separate e-mail, in a text file inside an attachment.

    Egads. If I'd known we were gonna have this much trouble getting it, I wouldn't have posted a link to it. :(
  • Chyron8472;597253 said:
    Now, I just need to figure out where that key is located.
    Please check your inbox for the key or visit your account in our store.
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