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Game too easy/ short/ lacks puzzles Thread

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How did the first episode compare in terms of difficulty to Telltale's other games?
(More specifically, the last Sam & Max season)
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  • Can we go back to beating that horse again now?
  • Chyron8472;513759 said:
    Oh. Okay then.

    I don't know why you posted a Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

    But I DO know that now I want one.

  • Yeah, anyway.

    How hard is it to believe BttF is just a bait-and-don't-switch-but-make-them-pay-for-the-other-games-as-well-with-gignormous-discounts-oh-and-we've-got-merchandise-this-game-prints-money?
  • GaryCXJk;514020 said:
    Yeah, anyway.

    How hard is it to believe BttF is just a bait-and-don't-switch-but-make-them-pay-for-the-other-games-as-well-with-gignormous-discounts-oh-and-we've-got-merchandise-this-game-prints-money? I the only one who has no idea what this is actually saying?
  • Rather Dashing;514050 said: I the only one who has no idea what this is actually saying?
    No, but I'm trying not to post on this thread any more so I didn't say anything.

  • Rather Dashing;514050 said: I the only one who has no idea what this is actually saying?
    It's very obvious. He's saying that the Back to the Future game is one ginormous money making scheme designed to get as many people into Telltale's games as possible by exploiting a very popular franchise and its many fans, quite a few of whom might not be gamers at all.

    In other words he's suggesting that Telltale is pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. Personally I don't believe that, but to each their own.
  • Chyron8472;513759 said:
    I have no idea what happened to this thread, but I like it and am very sad that I missed the whole thing.
  • I posted it because we were getting off-topic; then Vain and Guru threatened to move it to Forum Games; then I told them off for doing so; then Vain said they were kidding...

    So I deliberately went off-topic again, and that's the first thing I thought of.
  • It's my first post on these forums!

    Okay, with that out of the way I wanted to post some feedback after I downloaded episode 1 for free on my iPad. I do not have a long history of gaming and an even shorter history of adventure gaming. I started with hidden object games for my iPad and once those became boring I moved on to traditional point and click games available for iPad users such as Tales of Monkey Island, 1112, Sam and Max games, City of Secrets, Simon the Sorcer, Hector, Broken Sword, Inherit the Earth, Etc.

    By now I am very familiar with how these games work and have loved most of Telltales releases, with Law and Order being a glaring exception and Juraasic Park being one I decided to skip. I had not tried BTTF because the reviews I read were not great but since the first episode was free I said "what the heck" and downloaded it.

    Now I have read a lot of what people posted here and I feel that since I am not a classic gamer I might have some valuable input. Yes, this episode was MUCH easier than any of the other TT games I have played and loved. The controls were clunky and I felt that the game play was so easy that a few times I felt that the answers couldn't possibly be so simple and I almost got stuck trying to think of a more complex way to complete the task. The pop up text that notifies you to the objects you can interact with did not work and normally I wouldn't care as much but here since it seemed there was so little to actually interact with I would have liked to have had it.

    When I started playing these games I didn't start off with an easy game...the first one I played was Simon the Sorcerer and I got stuck a lot! It was what I loved about it, that there were so many options, things to look at, use, people to talk to...and if I was so stuck I couldn't think of anything else to do I would just look up a walkthrough online and use a tiny bit of information to help me navigate to my next task.

    My feeling is that either you're the type of person to get hooked on these types of games or you aren't. People who do not have the patience to figure out obscure puzzles aren't going to use the BTTF series to jump start a long relationship with other TT titles. I, like subject m, didn't click on everything in the beginning of my gaming experience and focused only on a very linear type of solution. It took me a while to learn how to pick up on all of the nuances in each game and utilize them to progress the story, but that was the fun in it! To me taking that element away from a game, even one made for beginners, takes out what hooked most people on these games in the first place. Tutorials are great remedies for this problem but perhaps another option would be having a optional tutorial before the game even starts explaining the general role you take in the game and how you will need to explore everything, talk to everyone and listen closely since the goals are not always straightforward. It takes time to learn to think the way the game does and not the way we are programmed to by nature but it is also much easier to adapt when you are familiar with technology in the first place. If, like subject m and many older people, you are terrified that a wrong click will do irreparable harm or they barely know how to operate their cd player, I would say that gaming is never going to be something they take up. For example, my mother will call me while using gmail and ask me how to do something seemingly simple, like reply to all. What I've noticed is that while I would look at everything on the entire page and open up any and all menus or options I can to figure out how to do this, my mother automatically freezes up, panics and doesn't take the time to read what's on the screen. If this isn't an indication about how certain people approach new situations I don't know what is. I think TT needs to focus on getting their product to those like me, people who would be patrons if they knew more about these types of games. People who like to play games but aren't aware of this whole genre of intelligent, exploratory games. I find myself lucky that I took the time to research iPad games online and that I listened to some of the experts lists of their top games.

    Next I want to agree wholeheartedly with the people who wrote that there was not nearly enough to do, people to interact with or things to click on. I really was confused and thought I was missing something when I couldn't enter most of the buildings in town or pick up/select most items. One of my biggest issues was in the soup kitchen where the guy who is making the soup is sitting reading the newspaper. When he gets up and puts the newspaper down on the counter to either stur the soup or hit the pipes the newspaper is no where to be found on the counter when I would look for it. That just seemed like such an obvious oversight and something I never experienced in other TT games.

    Lastly, I don't recall seeing the game auto-save at any time (I may just have missed it) which would be a major oversight. I won't be purchasing the rest of the series and I really hope that future projects return to the quality of some of TT's greats and that they release more of their games for iPad, more Sam and Max and any of the other available classics!

    (I didn't proofread this so please excuse any typos or poor grammar usage above)
  • I consider tt games to be a fan service games are intended for the fans of the said series jurrasic park bttf, sam and max all old school games and old school adventure game they were not intended to be difficult they are intended for interactive storytelling with some puzzles thrown in.
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