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Check out Sam & Max trailer!

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For those who hadn't noticed yet, the trailer is now live on!

If it happens to hitch on your PC, let it play all the way through one time. It will play smoothly for you the next times through.

Downloadable versions will be available on Monday!

- Joel
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    I think they should make Max' voice sound more enthusiastic and Sam's voice less enthusiastic.
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    Agree with playclever! I think the trailer is good, watched it a few times... Im hungry for more info! :D
    JK (Sweden)
  • While I'm a little concerned about how everyone seems to be getting so upset about it, I can see why they want to see the voices improved. Half the fun of Sam and Max is listening to the banter between the two. It's a little like (and I've used this analogy before and it still embarasses me) the Gilmore Girls. It's some bizzare game of verbal tennis, and it is a key part of what makes Sam and Max so good.

    Still can't wait to see more though. lookin' good!
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    Don't be embarrassed, son. A lot of guys like Gilmore Girls, I've noticed. It's a global phenomenom. :))

    No, really. It's a good show, have watched a couple of episodes.
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    This is probably a really dumb question, cause no one else seems to have asked it, but:
    Sam: To GameTap. They say the world's unwashed button-mashers have gone too long unsatiated.

    Max: That's not a word.
    What's not a word?


    Last minute entry:
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    I think UNSATIATED isn't a word. If it's not, it should be. What the hell is SATIATED? Like satisfied, I guess.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I don't think GameTap or unsatiated are technically words.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The MacOS X dictionary didn't recognize it, but I thought it was a word.

    (the joke is supposed to be that it is a word but i was doubly confused when my computer tried to confirm Max's claim)
  • Yeah, I got confused too. Microsoft Word didn't recognize it and I can't be bothered to pull out an actual dictionary.

    Clearly we have highly sophisticated humor to look forward to in the upcoming game!
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