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So you made a tough choice, Now tell us why? (spoilers)

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*Spoilers* Do not read any further if you have not completed the game.

Title say's it all. What was your reasoning behind the 5 major choice's in the game?

I know it's a game and all and some of you just made the choice's to see the various outcome's but I would like to know what your reasoning would be behind the choice's that are presented in the game if you yourself were in Lee's shoe's?

I wouldn't lie to Hershel about killing the guy cause honestly telling the truth would probably get you a lot further in that situation than a lie. Yea a lie would get the suspicion off of you for the time being but get caught and you're screwed.

Shawn or Duck
I chose Shawn on the first play through because he seemed the better choice. Now I know that seems morally wrong but Shawn would be of way better help than some kid. Look at how Sophia ended up in the TV series. Also Duck had a better chance of getting away than Shawn, probably. *Edit* Not completely knocking how useful kids would be in these situations cause Clem did bring Lee the hammer. and if Clem was in Ducks place then the choice would be quite simple. Lol sorry Shawn >_<

I sided with Kenny because everybody needs a bro to watch your back in moments like these and that is proven later in the game, and he has a boat, everybody needs a boat. Also going on and on about killing someone's kid without knowing all the fact's is stupid and dangerous.

I chose not to give Irene the gun simply because I would shoot her myself and save her from that burden. I would want it the same if it were the other way around.

Doug or Carley?
Again first play through I chose Carley because she saved Lee and seems like she knows her way around a gun and shes a woman, never can go wrong saving a damsel in distress. Sorry Doug >_>

So those are my reasons, let's hear yours.
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  • Lied to hershel just not full blow lie, tried to save Shawn I knew Kenny would come for duck then backed Kenny up when Hershel slammed him, sided with Kenny I hate Larry already, didnt give Irene gun but she ended up with it anyway, carley because who knows if I would have lost the gun also can't risk that. This was my first time through interested to see who choose what my girlfriend is playing through now and let me say what u say and your choices do make a noticeable difference. Very exciting game I will defy play through again and explore options that I haven't seen yet keep this thread going for sure. Did anyone side with Larry when he though duck was bite want to know what happens?!?!?
  • I plan on playing it through again just to see what happens to Duck if you do side with Larry. I'm gonna guess it would be Kenney punching you in the face at the end and Larry saving you, but I could be wrong and I am gonna find out here soon.
  • Yes plz tell I won't get to that tonight girlfriend picked side with Kenny also but not as spoiler alert I'm pretty sure Kenny face is one of the episode avatars so I don't think u can break ties with him curious though let me know!
  • Hershel:

    I was honest with the guy. It seemed like he didn't trust me already so I felt like he would see through my lies.

    Shawn or Duck:

    I actually hesitated too long and Duck's Dad came for him, and I tried to save Shawn but he died. Kenny wasn't mad for some reason, and Hershel wasn't either, so I guess I won both of them over.


    Kenny of course. I don't know why you'd choose the other option... that guy was a completely jerk and it was obvious the child wasn't bit.


    I gave the gun to her. I didn't see how or why she'd threaten anyone with it, and I would want to end my own life as well if I had been in her situation.

    Doug or Carley?

    This was a tough choice. I liked Doug and only partially liked Carley, (Really Carley? You don't know what batteries are, and on top of that, DON'T KNOW HOW TO PUT THEM IN?) but Carley had the gun and I've always been a "women and children first" kind of guy.

    Plus, looking at both of their positions, Doug seemed the most likely to die even with help.
  • Hershel: He's an honest hard-working man, and so am I. Told the truth.

    Shawn or Duck: Went to Shawn's aid but couldn't find the tractor icon in time. Counted as saving Duck.

    Kenny or Larry: I tried to be a neutral mediator. Told Kenny to sock Larry in the face. Counted as siding with Larry.

    Gun or no Gun?: I gave her the gun. She was miserable and I was not going to let her suffer.

    Doug or Carley: I sided with Doug. He was the pudgy IT guy but Carley did say that Doug saved her so he does have some useful skills. The main reason was that since Carley had a gun and was only being attacked by one walker at the time I thought that she might be able to escape (much like how Kenny saves Duck) but I was wrong. She died and I have to live with it.
  • Went as honest as I could and gave Irene the gun. Not much for moral choices, just honesty and the hard stuff.

    Went for Carley just because she'd make a better scout and knows her way around weapons. Since Lee's fated to lose Glenn to contractual obligation I figured she'd be more of a help than a tech nerd in a world with no electricity.

    The only decision that I'm not entirely happy about is saving Duck. My reason was having him and Clementine around as a breeding pair, but the kid's such a tard that that I just can't see it working out.
  • Hershel

    I lied to him, it's not his business

    Shawn or Duck
    I saved Duck, not cause he was a kid (although irl that would be the reason.), but his dad seemed more useful then Shawn, rather have him on my side. (although i really donnt trust his wife, maybe cause of her subtitle color.)

    I sided with Kenny, who the hell would kill someones kid on a suspision, besides you could see he was not bitten since you were there when he got his face all dirty.

    I gave her the gun, not cause i have sympathy or respect for suicidals, but showing "mercy" might improve my relations with the 2 persons who were with me.

    Doug or Carley?
    Carley because she seemed more talkative and she's smart how she handled things like keeping my secret, and great with a gun. all the dude did was tell me im a cool guy.
  • Hershel: I guess I didn't understand my choices, because I wouldn't lie to him if you asked me now, but I did in the game. I didn't want to, but it ended happening.

    Shawn or Duck: I saved Duck because he was a kid (moral+instinct led me to this decision) BUT also because I thought "Ok, I save duck, then I drive the tractor and save Shawn as well". That didn't happen... Looking back now, I wish I had chosen Shawn, as apparently Kenny saves Duck. Also, I got mad at Kenny from getting his son and running away. Seriously, at least try to help the guy who's being eaten alive.

    EDIT: Kenny: I sided with Kenny because, come on, the guy was being totally unreasonable; I said "We'll cross that bridge when we get there" and he said like "Good, that's what I wanted to hear. Anyway, let's kill the boy now"
    Seriously, I don't like Larry, and even though I try to respect everyone's opinion even in real life, I wouldn't think twice if I had to beat him up, lock him or kill him, regardless of what good survival skills he may have.

    Irene: I didn't gave her the gun because I think that was Carley's decision to make.

    Doug or Carley: I honestly chose Carley because I thought she could shoot the zombies who were trying to eat Doug. Seriously. Same mistake I did with Duck.
    Anyway, I'm sorry because Doug was such a good guy, but then again, Carley seems like a nice gal. Let's hope she stays that way.

    EDIT: Can the people who wave chosen differently than me explain here what happens after their choices?
  • Hershel: Didn't lie, Hershel has a good BS detector. :D
    Shawn or Duck: Saved Duck without really thinking about it, guess I have a mindset of "save the kid first."
    Kenny & Larry: Sided with Kenny for the aforementioned reason I suppose and it didn't look like Duck was bitten.
    Irene: Gave her the gun, seemed the merciful thing to do.
    Doug or Carley: Carley because it seemed more valuable to have someone good with a gun rather than someone good with remotes and televisions in this apocalyptic setting.
  • For me, my first run through choices were actually not very difficult.

    I was half honest with Herschel. Omitted some details. Wasn't planning on sticking around his farm anyway.

    I am a Women and Children first fellow. Period. So when faced with Shawn or Duck. No hesitation. Duck.

    Took Kenny's side because Larry is an asshole. I understand he is scared like everyone but unless you can SEE the bite on Duck, he is not bitten. Edit: Besides, Duck would have been bawling his head off had he been hurt.

    I gave Irene the gun. This one was actually the hardest choice but since she was already bitten, I saw no other option except to kill her myself, and that will not happen.

    Doug or Carly? As you can see from my comment about the Shawn/Duck choice, I did not hesitate to save Carly.
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