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The Walking Dead Episode 1 REVIEW THREAD

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I just completed the first episode and i must say.. WAW this game is just incredible. It is so intense. Such a cool, interesting story and so much fun. I just love that you finaly get way more freedom now with this game than older Telltale ones. I have aswell been reading the forums with people having alot of issues with the game. I haven't had any problems at all. Everything went incredibly well so i suggest to clean ur pc up or get a serious one really. Great First Episode Telltale i'm proud too say this is ur best game yet that i have ever played from u guys! You did lots of efford and it shows off! Cannot wait for second episode looks very promising as what i have seen at the end of the first episode! I seriously did not know this game would be so awesome and polished!
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  • I agree, this was a fantastic episode, some of the best stuff that Telltale has done. Moving and intense. My heart was in my throat during the scene with...well, with the zombie who has the keys in his pocket, for those who haven't finished it yet. Can't wait for the next one.

    And I played it on the PS3 and didn't have a single glitch, except that weird freezing screen after the episode is over.
  • zfan330;599291 said:
    I haven't gotten mine yet. What gives?
    Did you pre-order on Steam?

    If so, restart Steam, hope it helps.
  • On my 2nd play through, Love the game for the price its well made! :D
  • Its about Midnight Est time and I have to hit the sack but I got to play a bit of the game and wanted to talk about my experience.

    First thing is I have an i7 2600K 4.1 Ghz 16GB Ram and a GTX 570. I maxed out the settings on my PC. I downloaded this from steam with the code provided and I had no technical issues. The Audio has popped maybe twice but other than that I have had no audio problems at all. Nothing like Jurassic Park. I have also been able to use my Logitech controller to play this so far with no problems for those concerned about controller compatibility.

    Now on to the game. First of all I like this animation. Its a mix between cell shading and comic book style. Telltale has done a great job of bringing the pages of a comic book to life in a way I've never seen before. It really is easy on the eyes. Cinematic games have been tried several times but Telltale might have hit that perfect combination for this type game.

    The sound is good but the music does overshoot the voices sometimes. Not nearly enough to complain much though. I've really liked the score so far and it really flows well with the on screen action.

    Playing the game is also a fun. I've never seen this system implemented in a game before quite like this. I heard someone complain on IGN the other day about this being all QTE's. They have no idea how misinformed they were. The only QTE I have seen so far is when you are in a struggle with a walker. The QTE then feels almost natural as you are in the struggle pressing the buttons to try and escape a Walkers grasp. The way your character moves and the camera pans with it also works well. I don't really have any complaints with the control scheme. I haven't tried the keyboard setup yet so I'm not sure how that one works.

    The Story has been superb so far and written very well. When a scene gets intense it is just like watching the show or reading the comic. You literally sit on the edge of your seat. So far I feel this game has done justice to the comics. The internal conflicts and emotions of the humans trapped in this hell is very evident and it works as well as the comics and show. I really didn't want to stop playing but I knew I had to pull myself away from the game. First time that has happened for me in a long time. I wanted to stop in and write this real quick as to ease the minds of those that are upset with the situation of not being able to download this directly from telltale. This is going to be a fun game to watch unfold.
  • The game looks really good. Even better when using Nvidia 3D! Love it so far.
  • Usually I never post on forums, unless I have a very strong emotional reaction to a game and I want the developers to know.

    EVERYTHING in The Walking Dead was top notch. The voice acting, the gorgeous cel shaded art, the decisions, the setting, the took me THERE, I played with my heart through the episode's duration.

    Thank you ever so much for this FANTASTIC work of art!
  • Yeah, I second this. The audio itself had some tears and some clips seemed to be a lower volume than others, but overall extremely good game.

    Minus the zombie pillow smothering. You guys know that covering a car window with a pillow and elbowing it will dull the sound right? More so than using a pillow as a gun silencer?
  • You use the pillow to silence the gun, as has been documented in countless movies. It might even sort of work in real life :)

    The grown woman having no clue about how to use a radio however -and a radio reporter at that- was a bit funny and out of place, but in the midst of the rest of that excellence, I'm willing to put it down to zombie shock.

    The game was AMAZING. Only "issues" was some of the lip synching that was a bit off and tears in the sound during the later half, but again these are but minor quibbles on an awesome, awesome game that every adventure fan should check out.
  • Another thing- I loved the QTE's. They were never too hard and they always conveyed a fantastic sense of urgency. Made you really feel like you were there and there were lives on the line. I love adrenaline filled gameplay with an actual story to match!
  • I hate you Telltale!!!
    I need to sleep so I am not a zombie in my work! Is 2:25

    Damn it. Couldn't stop playing and now I want to follow other decisions. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

    Anyway, thanks for such an amazing game.
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