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If you had preordered the Walking Dead for Mac/PC THROUGH TELLTALE'S SITE and have not yet received your STEAM key:

Please post here.

No discussion in this thread. Otherwise we may miss someone who needs a key from skimming through.

Just copy and paste "No key yet"
Mike;601794 said:

I'm working on this now. The process is slightly time-consuming, so please bear with me. I'll post another update when I'm caught up. If you haven't received a key at that point, it's because you're not eligible for one from our initial batch last night.

We will be sending out another batch later this morning for any orders placed between yesterday afternoon and this morning.


•You don't need to tell us the time. We can see that info.
•No complaints about STEAM, side discussions, or arguments. This thread is strictly to get people who were supposed to receive keys (but did not) their keys
•Telltale will check to see if you bought the game from them. This is not a backdoor way to getting a free key. Don't waste your time posting if you didn't preorder from Telltale. They'll know.
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