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cant play game

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Just downloaded and installed, not the demo either, and even before it gets to game menu, the telltalle logo is off centered, i can get to set-up/options screen, but everything is off to the right side of the screen; so i am thinking run in windows mode, but that isnt happening either, as when the screen comes up that allows me the choice of turning off full-screen there is nothing for me to click on, because that part is out of the viewable area. I am upset!!! X-(
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  • Hi Dreamer,

    What is your screen resolution set to? You might try setting it to 800x600 before you run the game. To do this:

    -Right-click on your desktop
    -Select Properties
    -Go to the Settings tab
    -Select 800x600 on the Screen Resolution slider and click Okay

    Let me know if this fixes the problem. If it does, you can switch back to your regular resolution when you're done playing.
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    I already tried that, it doesnt work. I have requested a refund from the purchase source. My system more than meets the requirements and I am not rolling back video drivers to play a game, that causes problems for things I am running now, why would a person want to roll back for one game then roll forward for something else?
  • Did you try hitting Alt Enter for windows mode?
  • Sorry that changing the resolution didn't fix the problem. I forgot to mention that you can press Alt Enter to switch to windowed mode. You might also be interested in this thread -- someone had a similar problem, and found that it was a problem for other games that run at 800x600 on his computer (not just Bone). In that case, changing the refresh rate fixed it.

    In any case, we'll be happy to issue your refund.
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