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Need Inverted Controls Option

posted by Ducksditch on - last edited - Viewed by 35.1K users
I am not sure what is wrong with my brain but I have to be able to invert the up/down settings on video games. I am sure there are many others like me who push up on the right stick and expect the cursor to plummet to the bottom of the screen and if it doesn't, we pause our brand new game and fix this in the options menu. Some of you may go further and actually look for this option before even launching the game. So why is it that The Walking Dead game does not have this simple option?
Does Telltale not understand how crippling not having this option is to someone like me? I watched all the trailers and the "Playing Dead" episodes before trying the demo. I was blown away by the whole concept only to be left deflated when I assumed control of Lee and couldn't maneuver him properly. I kept thinking "uh oh, what's going to happen when I have to fend off a zombie in a split second?" Sure enough I found my self frantically focusing on the controls instead of frantically focusing on Lee's survival.
I see the potential and to me the game looks and feels stunning. It is truly a comic book brought to life but instead of being immersed in the beautifully crafted world I am all consumed in trying to make the cursor go where I desperately want it to go. So, please Telltale, if you are reading this, please put in a simple patch to fix this huge issue for those of us that are "axis challenged". I want to love playing this game as much as you loved making it. Please....
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  • That would be great nice critique too my brain does same thing died twice because of it lol
  • Agreed. Inverted should be in any game that allows you to look around.
  • Agreed.... I can't believe they released a "finished" game in 2012 without an option to invert aim. I can't even find a config file (pc).

    May have to hold off on playing until they get the option patched in or until a modder figures it out.
  • No still worth playing for sure just barrel through u won't be disappointed
  • I to wanted to add, I to need the inverted controls option. Can't play without it. I'll be second guessing future telltale purchases based on this.
  • Seriously. How it this not an option? Please fix. I bought the Season Pass on PS3, so my opinion matters!
  • I made the mistake of purchasing the 5 ep. subscription for $19.99 on PS3 to save money and with no inversion on the X and Y axis possible I simply can't play this. My brain wasn't trained this way and I don't have the time, nor would it be any fun to just "barrel through". This is seriously disappointing. Is this not possible? Why do us "Old Schoolers" have to be left out in the cold?
    If this doesn't get addressed, I've completely wasted my money. I hope you are going to consider this request, Telltale. I'm not the only one.
  • Count me as another vote for inverted Y.
  • I am not one who needs it, but I am actually surprised it was not included. Anyone with flight sim experience could need this.
  • Created an account just to say thank you all for letting me know about this. I have an amazing amount of trouble using "normal" controls.

    No look inversion = no purchase for me

    Ugh, how incredibly disappointing. :(
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