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[WD] Unable to progress past connecting

posted by The Indigo Child on - last edited - Viewed by 7.4K users
Hey all, I've had quite a few issues with this game. First I couldn't launch it, but I fixed that by disabling desktop composition. Since doing that I have made it to the main menu on several occasions. However I quit the game to go prepare a salad for my bearded dragon (useless bit of information I know) and now I am unable to get past the click to play bit, it just gets stuck on connecting. Anyone else had this problem? Anyone have a fix?

Thanks in advance
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  • Yeah, can't get past connecting. I posted in the support thread. I tried everything I could, every suggestion - restarting everything, reinstalling, etc. Nothing.
    This sucks.
  • Running as administrator is not working for me either. I was able to play completely fine yesterday...
  • yo armand do you post on the gears of war blog/community post ?
    i seen an 'armand' on there
  • Same here. I was playing for a bit earlier. Now I have restarted steam, restarted computer but still getting a continuous connecting message. Disappointing.
  • @TellTaleGames This is pretty weak, guys. This is a single-player game, which I can't play, because of some "Connecting..." nonsense?

    Honestly, that's pretty pathetic. If we can't connect to get gameplay stats or news, fine. But we should be able to play the game that we paid for.

    Hell, I was playing it not half an hour ago, and now it doesn't work.
  • I also played yesterday with 0 issues, now I don't past from "connecting" and is no my PC, I have all drivers updated and have a PC that can handle every game with no sweat...

    8 GB RAM DDR3 @1600MHz
    AMD Phenom II x4 965 @3.4GHz

    Restarted Steam (I bought it there), restarted PC, uninstalled and reinstalled game, and still connecting...
  • That issue should be resolved now.
  • Mike;602592 said:
    That issue should be resolved now.
    Thanks man, it's already working!!!
  • feel free to tell us what it was Mike ;) ;) please ?

    and after i did a restart LoL....

    works for me too WOOHOO
  • Mike;602592 said:
    That issue should be resolved now.
    Not resolved.

    I just purchased the game on steam and launched it for the first time and I get stuck at 'Connecting...' every time. I've restarted, re-installed the game, etc. I have a monster of a gaming PC and a super-fast internet connection. There's no reason why this problem would be on my end. I created an account on this forum just so that I could reply to this thread.

    What's the deal? I'd like to play the game I just purchased. Any way I can get a refund?
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