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The Walking Dead Episode 1 REVIEW THREAD

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I just completed the first episode and i must say.. WAW this game is just incredible. It is so intense. Such a cool, interesting story and so much fun. I just love that you finaly get way more freedom now with this game than older Telltale ones. I have aswell been reading the forums with people having alot of issues with the game. I haven't had any problems at all. Everything went incredibly well so i suggest to clean ur pc up or get a serious one really. Great First Episode Telltale i'm proud too say this is ur best game yet that i have ever played from u guys! You did lots of efford and it shows off! Cannot wait for second episode looks very promising as what i have seen at the end of the first episode! I seriously did not know this game would be so awesome and polished!
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  • I just finished 1st episode and I'm really surprised how good it is. I love TWD comic books (and just "like" TV series) so I had some doubts about how will you present story in that universe, but you made it perfectly. Tough choices, deep personalities, dramas - now I'll have not only wait every month for comic book, but for another episode as well. Even more, with results of choices in-game, when whole season will be done it will be worth to play it multiple times just to see totally different consequences - which is great thing!

    There's a little mess with release day (and the decision to give out Steam keys was really wise) but it was worth to wait - game is amazing.

    Thnx and keep up good work!
  • WabbitTwaks;602322 said:
    I had a rougher time my first play through reading all the possible choices too, but the second time through I did not. I don't know why that was, but it was. I have noticed the speed of the timer is not the same for all choices. It depends upon the situation. Herschel, for example, will not wait very long for a reply when he asks something. He is just that kind of person. Other choices must be made fast or people die. Heroes learn not to hesitate long :D
    I know and completely understand the thought behind that. The problem is that not everyone reads at the same speed.
  • i think the mess was releasing a game thats not finished, and wont be for several months.. all while charging for a complete package up front.

    it was fun, but theres very little replay value.
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    Just thought i'd share my thoughts and feelings after playing through TWD ep.1 from start to finish, Just encase anyone was interested. Be warned, its 2:30 am and my grammer and spelling isn't the best when i'm tired.

    First of all let me get this out the way; I understand there can be many a complication when releasing a game but this release really did take the cake. From a consumers point of view, I really have felt let down the last two days by telltale. Now enough has been said about the lack of preperation Telltale performed for the release of TWD all over the forum, so I won't got into it any further other then by saying this; fail to prepare then prepare to fail.

    Now onto the game review...

    Although very glitchy (mainly sound and bad texturing) and bad consistency (I.E Hershacal refering to the girl as Lee's daughter even though you told him already that she isn't) in places, TWD is a very deep in-grossing story that grabs you from the first scene.

    Telltale do a very good of making Lee YOUR charecter. This is a story that although already has it's path laid out ahead of you, you make the minute personal decisions that effect major outcomes to yourself and other charecters around you. This for me was on par with some of the great games like the mass effect series.

    Now i'm guessing 99.9999% of people playing this, watch or read the walking dead currently so let me put you out your misery if your wondering if they captured the universe feel.. they did and they have done it well (although i have a few gripes about the cameo charecters but thats just personal taste)

    This game follows the comic version of events, it's timeline and slower pacing too. I think TT really did capture the desperate grimey feel of the comic but in thier own style very well. It's nothing fancy but then again niether is the art work in the comics, its there to serve a purpose though and it does it wth satisfying results.

    In short.. If you love TWD, story and moral compass on the spot decision making plus can look past some bad technical hiccups, then this is the game for you.

    Well done TT but please make the next episode releases go alot smoother. Cheers.
  • Without spoiling anything I just want to write a mini-review for those still on the fence about whether or not to get this. In short: buy it. It's a better adaptation of The Walking Dead comic book than the TV series.

    The story is great (man with a mysterious past trying to find redemption in protecting a little girl), the characters are well developed and interesting. The music fits the atmosphere well, really heightens the tense moments. And the art style is great, very stylized. In terms of choices & consequences, you do make a few during the game which are commented on by other characters, but I think we're not meant to see the consequences until much later on. My only niggle right now are the audio problems, it is noticeably low quality, which is a shame.

    At the end of chapter one there's a 'Next time on The Walking Dead' segment, which I skipped (I don't want to be spoiled!). Hopefully that won't impact on me importing my save into the next chapter. I just wish I had it to play now.
  • I wholeheartedly agree, TellTale's all-round best production so far. None of my friends / housemates had really played any TTG series before. I showed them the trailers for this a month or two ago and that got them all pretty excited - now they've played the first episode I can say for certain there are some new TTG fans around here :)
  • Just a few days ago I didn't even know this game ever existed but after being recommended to play/review I thought I might as well give it a try as the price is very cheap for one episode. I started this game with low expectations and at the end of the game all I could say is "BRING ON EPISODE 2" in this review I will tell you why it is that good.

    Please go to to read the full review
  • Kenneloth;603487 said:
    Nice review! :)
    Thanks happy to hear you liked it.
  • I like how whatever choices you make changes the preview for ep2

    Its it coming next month?
    God I hope so.
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