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april fool talk

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The prank I pulled off today was replacing sugar with salt in the sugar bowl and watch my dad prepare his morning coffee. When he took that first sip, he spat the tainted coffee all over the kitchen floor. (laughs):D. That was a great prank; simple, but effective. Does anyone like to share some of the funniest pranks they pulled off on somebody?
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  • Didn't the BBC have something about flying penguins?
  • TrogLlama;60348 said:
    Didn't the BBC have something about flying penguins?

    Yep. You can view it over at the iPlayer or YouTube.

    I thought that was quite well done for an April Fools, and they showed in on TV as well.
  • vyperspit;60337 said:
    You know, I remember reading a news article a few years ago about one big, and STUPID, prank an Australian TV studio pulled off. The studio sent a man dressed like Osama Bin Laden to a hotel where President Bush was visiting. That guy could've been shot on sight! What were those morons thinking?! Of coarse, I might be mistaken. If I was, I'm sorry.
    The Chaser did this during the APEC summit last year (it wasn't an April Fool's joke... they do pranks all their time for their tv show).

    The whole point of their stunt was to show how much taxpayer money was wasted on security for APEC... and how it didn't work. They had a limo with Canadian flags, ID tags with the word "JOKE" on them in large print, and they still passed two checkpoints without being stopped by security. As they neared the hotel where George W Bush was staying, they voluntarily turned their motorcade around, and then Chas (dressed as Bin Laden) got out of the limo... and only /then/ did security twig that they weren't legit.

    Several of the people in the stunt were arrested, and their court case is set for June. In the meantime, the Chaser team are doing a live stage show this year instead of the TV show. I've got my ticket for one of their Adelaide shows in May :)

    Direct link to the APEC stunt video:
  • [jaw dropped] Boy, do I feel sheepish. Who knew that the biggest morons was the security staff. No offense.
  • I pulled off two good pranks yesterday. One is involving a Karl Gauss (of Gauss's law) mask. I have one I made for Halloween (don't ask), and it is one of the creepiest things in my apartment according to my roommate. So what better to do than hang it in front of his door at eye level so he would have a surprise when he woke up. He exited his room so fast he didn't see it until he hit his face on it, causing him to about have a heart attack. He says he had to change pants afterward, but I am unsure how true that is :)

    Then, I posted a message saying how "tired I am of having a broken nose" on facebook. I got quite a few messages of condolence from friends... but then I forgot to reply back and say "April Fools", so some of them still think I have a broken nose. Oh well.

    I also set Jake's desk on fire.
  • Derwin;60393 said:
    I pulled off two good pranks yesterday. One is involving a Karl Gauss (of Gauss's law) mask.
    Not to be confused under any circumstances...

  • ^ Ah man, I'd kill for a Kyle Gass mask! :D
  • i still like the video of the "strap on" Wiimote attachment... i think the video is gone now cause i cant find it anywhere

    the way he kept rubbing it, and all the sports games they were playing.. priceless (bowling and baseball were the funniest ones) :rolleyes:

    "Now you can play with no hands!... with the strap on wiimote!"
  • Sorry, I don't get that.
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    Jake Forbes Telltale Alumni
    I traumatized Labyrinth fans on my "Return to Labyrinth" Blog:

    Apologies to George Lucas...
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