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Do you think Walking Dead look would fit Sam and Max?

posted by G1orkatsos on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
Don't get me wrong, i really like the way the Sam and Max games look and how they have improved with each season graphically. The Devil's Playhouse looks downright awesome. But wouldn't be cool to have Season 4 lets say in the comic book-hand drawn style that the Walking Dead is?
I know, it may be like a big departure in terms of looks compared to the other ones, but it would make the game feel closer to its comic book roots. It would give the game a fresh new face, and with a more vivid color palette it could bring the older days of Sam and Max to life.
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  • I like the idea if there indeed would be a fourth season. In the comics all the other characters were more realisitic than Sam and Max but in the sort of half cartoony way. I like the way most of the characters look but have to say I don't like the TellTale Flint Paper the roundish cartoon design and stocky figure don't make him seem as tough and noirish (I'm really having trouble with adjectives today).
  • Oh yes! Cell shading is the best way forward!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Hell yeah!

    A little more outlines on that style and it's an absolutely perfect fit for Sam & Max Season 4. Actually, the "realistic" humans Purcell portrays are rather similar to what TWD's game engine creates (while the style of the TWD comics is not exactly what Telltale delivers in TWD game ;) ).
  • LOL, first thing I thought when I loaded the Walking Dead game was exactly that
  • Actually... yeah, I think upgrading the graphics style again to a more comic book-esque/cel shaded look could be really awesome for Season 4! :0 It'd give the game extra cartoony visuals, which would be a fantastic idea for Sam & Max, since the seasons are already like playing an amazing animated series. Or movie, even. The Devil's Playhouse would make an incredible movie...

    But yeah, I'd totally be down with that! I bet it'd be pretty sweet~
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    It doesn't stop there, hopefully. Season 4 could bring excellent puzzle-driven gameplay back to Telltale and merge it with the Walking Dead graphics, character depth and FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Absolutely everything here would be a perfect fit for Sam & Max.

    Concerning color, I never saw the Sam & Max series as THE playground for all-too colorful compositions. Purcell's later, more muted or "dirty" color schemes (especially in "The Big Sleep") fit the scenario better, I think.
  • Ergh, no. I think it'd be horrible.
    Hell, I didn't even like Season 3's look and feel of things.

    Give me the Season 1 and 2 look anyday.
  • It shouldn't look just like The Walking Dead. Imagining Sam and Max interacting with that game's cast gives me a headache.

    I think something a little closer to Steve Purcell's art style would be nice, though.
  • I think the art style would fit as well, IMO :D
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