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walking dead on linux?

posted by ChikoJose on - last edited - Viewed by 3.5K users
i can play on linux walking dead ?

pd: i dont speak english very well
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  • Back to the Future worked in Wine but required you to install the DLL's from OpenAL for audio to work. That was the newest game in AppDB on
  • Just tried installing the game through wine, worked fine. But when I get to the point where you are supposed to log in with your account, it says that I have no internet.. Anyone else facing this issue?
  • Hmm.. I would love to buy these games... but if they don't work in Wine it really seems like a waste of money :(
  • I ended up running windows on a virtual machine, and playing in there. Worked ok :)
  • I got the same problem here: Fedora 16, wine-1.5.17, DirectX9 completely installed via winetricks. The game is marked as "working fine" in the Wine-AppDB so I bought it.

    The game installs fine, however, after entering my details the game tells me, that there is no Internet connection even if there definitely is Internet connection (and wine-gecko is properly installed, just in case).

    Unfortunately my PC isn't strong enough to run the game in a Virtual Machine. Anyone else having this issue or maybe even a solution? I worry seriously having spent $25 for a game which doesn't run for me.
  • There is no problem with playing Walking Dead on Linux.

    I'm simply using Ubuntu 12.04 and WINE for installing STEAM.

    Now only thing you must do is to download game using Steam and simply playing it :).
  • I just started a new thread in the Technical Section as it looks to me more a technical than a "Game Discussion" issue.

    Which distribution are you using and what is your Wine-Version? By now it looks as the game runs just fine for some Ubuntu users. I'm using Fedora 16 and wine-1.5.17 by the way.

    If I had known I'd maybe signed up and registered for steam. However I bought the game directly at and won't get the steam-build any more. I guess that there is no "Enter your Account-Details"-Dialog in the steam build?

    It's just an Operating System that fits my needs in a country with very bad infrastructure. You really wanted to know this?
  • In reply to Bulbous

    What's Linux? link

    Linux is an operating system. (Sort of like Microsoft)

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