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screwdriver hint ?

posted by Bigpsycho on - last edited - Viewed by 10.3K users
did it a million times back and forth - i think am not not seeing a point somewhere ...i see the screwdriver but can't get it
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  • Hehe. I like your structure better than mine, Vainamoinen
  • Hee-hee... I got stuck here myself, as much as I thought I had looked around I just was not seeing the one thing I needed. I actually stepped away from the game and on the next launch I used the rewind to make sure I hadn't forgotten to bring something from the previous location; it would have surprised me if a Telltale game dead-ended the player old-school style, but I had to check. During the cutscene leading into this sequence, I saw what I needed plain as day and was on my way again.
  • Yes, I know I gave away too much information for a "hint". My bad and I apologize. Future hints will be just that, hints not walkthroughs. I am not a hint professional :p
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