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Steam keys for pre-orders.

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Because of our delay in making our build available, we have been sending out Steam keys for anybody who pre-ordered the game through our site. The emails with the keys have been going out in large batches over the last few days, and another large batch will be going out shortly.

If you ordered the game prior to 11am PST and have not received a key by 3pm PST (roughly 3 hours from the time this was posted) please leave a note in this thread simply stating "No key received." This is not a thread for discussion, and anything other than "No key received." will be removed from the thread.

Orders placed after 11am PST today will not be receiving a Steam key. This is strictly a pre-order bonus offer to help make up for our short delay in making the Telltale Games build available to you.

Thank you all so much for patience in this, and enjoy the game! We appreciate you!

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