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Walkign Dead -- Game Removed by Symantec Norton [TellTale version]

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Dear TellTale Games,

I just installed TheWalkingDead for PC. Everything went fine. Then, I wanted to start the game, So I clicked on "Walking Dead101.exe". Suddenly Symantec's Norton Internet Security went ballistic: "A program is acting in a suspicious way!" Then the software told me that everything was alright now - because it removed the "suspicious" software.

This is the first time ever that Norton did a thing like this.
I maybe could turn off the anti-virus software, but honestly I am wondering what WalkingDead101.exe is doing that the Norton considers to be "suspicious."
And I successfully played "Sam and Max" and "Monkey Island" without receving any warning.

What shall I do? De-Install and Re-Install? Turn off my virus and internet protection for the time that I am playing the game (not very happy to do so)? Or will there be a new release of the game that fixes this issue.

I am using (well, trying to use) the TellTale version of the game, not the Steam version on Windows 7, and my computer meets the required system requirements.

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    DjNDB Moderator
    Some other people had the same issue before.
    As Moragami suggested in that thread I would restore the file from nortons quarantine and set an exception for the affected file. Further i would look for an option to reconfigure Norton, so that it asks what to do the next time something like that comes up.

    The problem here seems to be the behavioral protection of norton, which tries to detect unknown malware by the way the software acts. That approach has the drawback, that there will be false positives, like this one, with any software that fits one of the behavior profiles.
    Because of that it's better to not let Norton decide what to do with the suspicious file in such cases.
  • But WHAT exactly is Walkin Dead doing that Norton gets upset? I'm pretty positive that TellTale didn't write a malacious program, so what causes the trouble. (I'm just curious.)
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I could only speculate wildly, which would not be helpful at all. That's something Symantec can answer best.
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