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Clementine Not So Smart?

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I found it funny that in the beginning of the game, Clementine tells us that she is eight years old, but later (on the farm), she mentions she is in first grade. Guess she's not too bright because most first graders are six, and a few are seven. She must have been held back.
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  • Hey! No pickin' on my girl! She's smart and no one can convince me different! :p
  • its not uncommon for parents to start their kids late for different reasons..
    My wife and I started my son late because he was so tiny.. and now he is a full year older then all his classmates... (still smaller than them too even with him being a year older)

    That said he WAS still just 7 when he was a first grader... While I am talking about my kid.. he just tested in the top 10% in our state for reading and math.. and our state has the second highest scores in the country.. so my 3rd grader is probably smarter than I am LOL.... so proud.
  • They're just discussing 1st grade. It's never explicitly stated that that's what grade she's in. I'd even say that they make it pretty clear that she's passed that grade as she's asked how it was and not is.
  • "You've learned that clemenite is a 1st grader."
  • Huh. The UI says that? I have that setting turned off.
  • tobar wrote: »
    Huh. The UI says that? I have that setting turned off.

    Did one playthrought with that off and another with Ui on and yea it popped up
  • Don't pick on Clementine. She survived for days off of a walkie-talkie and and a tea-set, that makes her smart in my book!
  • Clementine is the smartest one in the group! If anyone tries to mess with her, they are dead!
  • I found that odd too. Whatever reason Clementine was held back it's not because she wasn't smart enough. She even says that first grade is too easy.

    I think she was adopted. She doen't look like her parents at all. Maybe she wasn't put in a good school until the Marshes got her?
  • Clementine is the oldest 1st grader in Georgia state history.

    Actually she was kicked out of school 2 years ago and is now homeschooled, after repeatedly hitting other kids with a hammer.

    She still tells people she is in first grade though
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