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stunning HiRez Monkey Island pics from Blur Studio

posted by Irishmile on - last edited - Viewed by 3.6K users
Remember that great trailer Blur did before MI:SE2 was released.. here are pictures of the modelsheets they used, Hirez and in great detail, and size.. amazing.... I love this stuff... I wish there would have been more characters in that trailer.





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  • Irishmile;595632 said:
    I did save them on my PC ... Anyone know a place to host them that doesn't resize? .. I'm at work right now... Though.
    I don't know an image sharing website for that, let alone a specific one... mostly because they're all filtered here.

    Though, You could use Dropbox and put it in your public folder... Which allows you too link it for everyone to download.
  • It would be so easy, since the stories are already in place, and would "just" have to be adapted into screenplays (which is probably much easier than coming up with something new).
    It's hard. Adaptations are not easier than coming up with something new, they're just different, so to speak. I would say that one of the biggest paradoxes of an adaptation is that you have to change something to make it work in the new medium. And this something varies from 'not much' to 'a lot'. Which leads to problems with fans who go on a 'They changed it now it sucks' routine (granted, there are times when changes ARE kind of bad). For example, How to Train Your Dragon is an awesome movie and is an adaptation, but during the course of adapting it like 90% of the original book has been changed (and it started out as a close-to-the-source kind of adaptation).

    A few days ago, I was actually thinking about BttF:The Game-to-animated-movie adaptation and what it would look like. One would think that it'd be easy, BttF:The Game being more of a movie than a game anyway... hell no.
  • I want to see those...badly. :-)
  • I'm getting 404s when I try to load the first two full size images. Can someone re-upload them?
  • please i want to see these images in high quality.
    Irishmile, you could send them by email, pleeaaaseeee!!
  • EDIT: Redundancy is no one's friend.
  • Oh come on, please...
  • i've tried to find the trailer you guys mentioned , but couldn't have found , would u give me a link please.
  • draedan;604846 said:
    i've tried to find the trailer you guys mentioned , but couldn't have found , would u give me a link please.
    The link to the trailer is in the first post. ;)

    found this while googling "Blur Studio" with "Monkey Island".
    Blast, LeChuck's model pic is too dark.

    Very cool, though :D
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