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Need Inverted Controls Option

posted by Ducksditch on - last edited - Viewed by 29.9K users
I am not sure what is wrong with my brain but I have to be able to invert the up/down settings on video games. I am sure there are many others like me who push up on the right stick and expect the cursor to plummet to the bottom of the screen and if it doesn't, we pause our brand new game and fix this in the options menu. Some of you may go further and actually look for this option before even launching the game. So why is it that The Walking Dead game does not have this simple option?
Does Telltale not understand how crippling not having this option is to someone like me? I watched all the trailers and the "Playing Dead" episodes before trying the demo. I was blown away by the whole concept only to be left deflated when I assumed control of Lee and couldn't maneuver him properly. I kept thinking "uh oh, what's going to happen when I have to fend off a zombie in a split second?" Sure enough I found my self frantically focusing on the controls instead of frantically focusing on Lee's survival.
I see the potential and to me the game looks and feels stunning. It is truly a comic book brought to life but instead of being immersed in the beautifully crafted world I am all consumed in trying to make the cursor go where I desperately want it to go. So, please Telltale, if you are reading this, please put in a simple patch to fix this huge issue for those of us that are "axis challenged". I want to love playing this game as much as you loved making it. Please....
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  • WabbitTwaks;604956 said:
    Ya know, I understand the frustration... but calling people names? Is that really the way to get something done? :/
    I can't beat the shit out of them, so this is the least I can do lol

    but I edited and removed some names. They should have disclosed this information on the item description, so we do not buy something that is incomplete. This is fraud in my opinion. And the problem is that I can't return this POS for a refund.
  • I'm adding my voice to this request. I purchased episode one on XBLA and have found it to be barely playable due to the lack of an inverted Y-axis option.
  • spdiscus;604430 said:
    I think up/down is the wrong way to look at it. You aren't moving the mouse up, you're moving it forward. That's where the disconnect is.

    As a long-time inverter, this is how I see it... if you want me to look down, you push my neck/head forward. If you want me to look up, you pull my neck/head back. That's how I use the mouse to control the avatar's view.
    Exactly. For those who just don't get what we are complaining about, just go try to cut your hair on the back of your head by yourself with your left hand while using a hand mirror pointed at a wall mirror. Now imagine that instead of having problems going left and right like you do in the mirror, you have issues doing it up and down.... All while trying to position a cursor at the right spot to bash a zombie in the face with a hammer. It's just not fun. Or try this: go get in your car, drive out to a busy, narrow two lane road put the car in reverse and try to drive down the correct side of the road, backwards doing the speed limit while only using the rear view mirrors. Seriously, that is what it is like for some of us.
  • Any word on a patch? Can it even be patched? XBLA customer.
  • Vercingtorax;605194 said:
    Any word on a patch? Can it even be patched? XBLA customer.
    It definitely can be patched. The question, is whether they do it or not.

    A similar situation happened with the HD remake of the Splinter Cell Collection last year. They finally patched in an invert option after getting a lot of grief. The funny thing about this one, was the old Splinter Cell games these were remade from actually played DEFAULT with inverted controls, and had an option to turn "normal look" on!
  • Yes just signed up to add to the feedback as to the need of inverted controls. Loved the game and was able to manage but would have been much more comfortable using inverted and I am to a bit surprised that option was not available for this game. If they were in a zombie apocalypse they would want to be comfortable. If I wasn't so damn hooked I would most certainly threaten to not buy another episode, but well shit the best I can do hope is their asses are eaten first in a zombie apocalypse since they will be getting my damn money regardless.
  • Wow, what a bummer. I was so excited for this game but absolutely can't find enjoyment in a game on normal. It's just not natural for me.

    TellTale, Please fix your game. I want to enjoy it and buy the other episodes. I won't if you can't fix this problem.

  • Add me to the list. I managed my way through it but it would have been a little better if it would have had the invert option.
  • What the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. its 2012 and you dont have the option to put in the invert. Were you guys smoking the kronik. seriously how is there not an option to invert. I buy the game totally pumped, now i cant play. bad marketing boys. had 4 boys watching and now there not gonna get it cause there is no invert, did i say there is no invert for the controls. boooo hooooo on you guys. seriously how do you make a game and does not allow the option of inverting the x and y axis. so sad. you really could of had a winner here, even myself, if i was making a game would of said, " hey boss. theres no invert. what gives, you should put that in the game". if he says "no". poop on his desk and quit, you guys are boneheads, might be the worst desicion made in a video game. except for the first racoon city, which the controls were totally unbearable. come on patch this//////////////////////now
  • Could I add my vote to this, just finished episode 1 and yes it's such a pain without invert option.

    I wonder how many people died first time trying to line up that shotgun, only to escape and look for invert option and then found this site looking for a patch.
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