[L&O: Legacies] Can't access episodes 4-7 on PC.

I bought the season pass as part of the "almost everything" pack with my preorder of Walking Dead, and finished up the first three episodes over the last few days. However, I can't access episodes 4-7, I just get a "coming soon" image. Looking around this forum, it seems like I should get an option to download the episodes, but this button doesn't appear.


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    Never mind, just booted it up, and now I can access them.
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    I m havingg the exact same problem : Although the last time I played episodes 4-7 were available for download, today my saves from episodes 1-3 are lost (no big deal) but I cannot download episodes 4-7.
    I already tried to restart the soft / reboot my PC, to no avail.
    Funny thing is the game says there is no network connection... Is the TellTale server down ?
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    Found the solution :
    It is a Windows 7 (probably Vista too) problem
    You need to set the User Account control to the lowest setting
    then reboot your PC
    Restarting the game -> the network is now detected, and the games can be downloaded.
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    I tried to do that. I am still having issues to have 4-7 episodes.
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