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[WD] Computer Crashes When Game Starts

posted by VanFinale on - last edited - Viewed by 287 users
Alright I was playing through the game fine no problems then I had to go eat dinner so I paused the game (hit the esc key) and my monitor shut off and said no signal whenever I turned it back on. My mouse and keyboard also started shutting off and on and nothing I pressed (alt+F4, ctrl+alt+delete, etc) nothing got any response. So I shut off my computer booted it back up tried to play the game again and I got the exact same thing. So I booted back up again uninstalled, re-installed. This time the game booted up in windowed mode then went full screen after a loading screen and bam computer crashed again.

So yeah no BSOD or anything from windows the computer just locks up with no signal going to the screen. Playing the game through steam. Anyone else have any problem like this?
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  • So you can play windowed without crashing right? Just don't turn on full screen i guess, make sure it's off in settings. My game crashes as soon as I toggle full screen also, but fine in windowed.
  • No I can't do anything I launch the game and my computer crashes I can't even get to the title screen. That one time it just launched windowed for some reason but when the title screen loaded my computer crashed.
  • Alright I fixed the problem which was actually with my computer any game I launched caused my computer to crash. Anyways now the game won't read my saves I can clearly see all my save files in the walking dead folder there are 10 of them. However when I boot the game up it just started a new game. Now it lets me load a file which is just at the beginning of the game. However I cannot locate this file all the ones in the walking dead folder are timestamped from the day before. So I think it is now storing the save games somewhere new which I cannot find.
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