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  • Thanks for the link, Div! :D Great article!
  • Great article. But! I like the TV serie.
  • Kenneloth;605742 said:
    Great article. But! I like the TV serie.
    if you do, then you'll love the original comics. strongly recommended.

    the tv show... i mean soap is just cheeky in the fashion of turning an interesting, mature and psychological important topic into a simple cliché way to often in my honest opinion. they stretch specific things like lifespans to have more episodes and less "boring" thinking (to play out time most of the time ;)), add lots of cheap jokes and brutal killings to get more views because something "easily digested" makes way more views = bigger audience = more money.

    so they neglect the chance of making one of the better tv shows running these days. *sigh*

    i am reading the comic books for years now and was very hyped after hearing that there'll be a tv-show. i liked the casting, the translation of locations, mood, colours, the promo posters, teasers and trailers... and the pilot episode was just great - potential hit. after that i watched 3 or 4 more episodes and couldn't believe what they've changed, left out or just simplified. never ever touched it again.

    the game is the first successful (and working) translation of that subject matter into another medium in my eyes! don't use the same characters, the same names and change everything around these "shells". get new characters in the same "universe, same time and maybe let them meet some of the known charas - that's the way it works! i am glad that tell tale got the rights and focus on the original source, the basics of why twd is great... not the tv-show. i am also glad that they adjusted there typical and well known gameplay mechanics and the way of storytelling for this piece. there are many games based on comic books and the number of really good ones is very small - most dev-teams have to rush them because of simultaneously released movies or they're simply too afraid to try something new, to represent the unique features of that tale, hero or genre... make another third-person basher or shooter.

    thanks for beeing seroius about the source, tell tale. thanks! :)

    (please excuse my english)
  • I know people will hate me but I think the comic itself has gotten... not so good.
  • Yeah, there was a downturn in the comic's story, but I think it's picking up. I've only read to issue 90 and I loved it.
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