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TWD: Having some resilient texture issues...

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I'm having some really irritating texture issues that make the game either unplayable or just annoying, depending on the settings. I have read the thread concerning various technical FAQs, but it either doesn't apply or doesn't fix the problem. Hoping someone here can shed some light on this...

The only setting that seems to have any effect on the problem is the Graphics Quality setting. If it's set to High I get the black boxes around all of the trees, hair, etc.; changing any of the other settings to a lower value only
affects the quality of its respective item. But if I set the GQ to Low, items that should appear white appear black such as the retical, inventory items, the sun, the moon, etc., but the boxes are gone at least.

I've made sure that anti-aliasing wasn't being forced in the GPU control panel; I even reset all the values to their default settings.

I installed the latest graphics driver for my system, only to find out that I already had it beforehand.

I've uninstalled, re-downloaded(from TTG) and reinstalled the game twice. I don't get it. I've never had any [persistent] problems like this from any of Telltale's games, and I've played the vast majority of them on this very laptop.:confused:

Please help, I waited too long for this game to not be able to see it in all it's glory...:(

Here's the Dxdiag:
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  • Is your texture quality setting set to Low? (from within game graphic options)
    You only have 512mb on the vid card
  • Yes, I've tried setting all the in-game settings to there minimal value, but that does nothing but make the game look really bad. The game runs perfectly smooth with everything maxed out, other than the black boxes around the trees and hair. The only setting that seems to make a big difference is the Graphics Quality. If it's on high, there are black boxes around everything. If it's turned to low, the boxes go away, but all the white colors show up black.

    I've tried a gaggle of different GPU CP settings just to see if it changes anything, but no joy. Right now I have GPU CP settings set to the default values(either software-controlled or off).

    My graphics card should be perfectly capable of handling this game maxed on settings; I played Jurassic Park with very few problems.
    Right now I am re-downloading the game from TTG's site and I notice the dl file says TheWalkingDead101_v2 now, so hopefully this updated version will fix the issues.

    Crossing my fingers...
  • Try run windowed at a low resolution (like 800 x 600) with low textures & shadows off, graphics low and no afteraffects. Were you trying full screen before?

    With black/white stuff it sounds like the texture memory is choking

    I wouldn't expect that card to handle max setting at 1920 x 1080 when you're at minimum specs for ram, video card memory and OS version.
  • Whoa whoa! You obviously have little faith in the abilities of my gaming rig. That's ok, I'll let it slide this time.:D True, she may be a few years old and discontinued, but it can certainly do better than windowed at 800x600...:cool:

    I kid, but seriously, Ive played most of Telltales more graphically intensive games on this machine with no major problems, not counting in-game bugs.
    I'm starting to wonder if it might be a compatibility issue with this specific GPU. I decided to install the game on my wife's Vaio just to see what would happen. Even with it's craptastic integrated graphics chip the game looked normal(not great, but no texture corruption). But the frame rate was horrible even at the lowest settings, which would make it hard to play during QTEs.

    But, to answer your question, I have ran the game at the lowest/ highest settings/resolution in both full screen and windowed with no change. The only big change happens when I toggle the graphics quality from high to low, which is when the black boxes go away and the white colors turn black.

    I appreciate you trying to help, but I don't know what else to do. I'll just try to play through with the colors all jacked up and hope that in the meantime someone will help me figure this out.
  • Quick update: I dual booted my laptop with Windows 7 thinking that maybe the game didn't like XP or maybe DirectX 11 would work better with my graphics card to help solve the texture issues, but no such luck. Just wishful thinking I guess...
    I was able to play it to the end with the color problems, but I'm reluctant to play through again to try to get different outcomes until this issue is resolved.
    There are at least two other people on the forums with the exact same problems with Nvidia cards, so this isn't isolated I was glad to find out.
    I would really like to know if there are any Telltale officials working on this issue. Anyone?
  • Count me in as someone who has the same issues as you; my graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1900. Old, I know, but then I've played some Telltale Games (and lots of others) quite fine on this machine, so I'm not convinced by this whole "It's ATI's fault" attitude.

    I am not forcing Anti-Aliasing; I've installed the latest drivers, un- and then re-installed the game, done everything I know of.

    Is there a returns policy? I'll check, because I am not going to play this game looking like that.
  • I think this is a different issue, but I had missing polygons (see through areas of main chars hand and face) with ATI driver version 12.4, problem went away when i did a rollback to 12.3
  • Im_The_Foreman;606114 said:
    I think this is a different issue, but I had missing polygons (see through areas of main chars hand and face) with ATI driver version 12.4, problem went away when i did a rollback to 12.3
    I may just have to try that, being one of the few things I haven't tried yet.
  • I'm also having the exact same problem as above. But I'm using an Nvidia 7600GT. Do you have idea on how to fix the graphic glitches? Please help me.
  • Has anyone else that's having this issue found a fix yet? If so, don't keep it to yourself. I'm still sucking wind here... it's been kinda quiet on this issue of late.

    Telltale, can I get any indication that this issue is getting attention from your end? I understand that we are not the only people that are having problems (far from it), but I would just like a little reassurance is all.
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