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Mistakes, plot holes and comic canon violations in the game (spoilers)

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When you're in the pharmacy and trying to get the keys, you discover you're locked in and nobody has the code to the lock.

So the answer to the puzzle is you have to go to the motel to save Glenn, and get the fireaxe while you're there.


How can I go to the motel when I'm LOCKED INSIDE THE PHARMACY?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    tobar;606133 said:
    Something else that's odd. Hershel tells Shawn to go inside and check on his sister. Hershel has seven kids, three sons and four daughters. The youngest of which are twins. So wouldn't it make sense for him to have said check on your sisters?

    Obviously they couldn't have portrayed the whole family but where were Arnold and Billy? They're definitely old enough to be helping around the farm. Just seems like it would have been a good idea to include some dialog explaining where they were.
    I was thinking about this before the game was even released. Showing us ONLY Shawn was a tad bit disappointing, while giving us the whole family would have been MUCH too distracting.

    An explanation for the mentioning of "sister" instead of "sisters" could be that there's a particular sister which might need more attention than others at the time - maybe she's ill or something.

    BTW, the Shawn's death canon violation... THAT's the biggie I was looking for. ;)
  • It could be explained that Shawn volunteered to go into town to get some medicine for one of his sisters that got sick. But that's never stated in the game so it's conjecture. Would have been better dialog than that guff about their neighbor Breckon's mare.

    Still no explanation for the absence of Arnold and Billy.
  • Im_The_Foreman;606106 said:
    How about clementine being 8 years old in first grade, that has to be a mistake surely?

    Unless she got held back for hitting other kids with a hammer or something, or maybe she's "special" like duck.
    Not all children begin school at the same age. The South is notorious for this.
  • WabbitTwaks;606152 said:
    Not all children begin school at the same age. The South is notorious for this.
    I can second this. I would have been 8 in first grade if I had a January-May birthday.
  • Chillforce;606187 said:
    I can second this. I would have been 8 in first grade if I had a January-May birthday.
    My daughters are January kids, oldest in their class, and are only 6/7 in 1st grade.

    There may be some changes in laxity for the rules, but something tells me it was just an oversight on the writers part. As with most of these kinds of things, I think it comes down to that.

    And to think the headache it took to get this stupid account working to just post this. I'm an idiot.
  • *bites his tongue* ;)
  • tobar;606103 said:
    Easy way to explain this. Maybe hershel felt a pulse after Kenny's group left and decided to try and bandage and after him turning. Into the barn he went.
  • tobar;606103 said:
    Looks like Hershel has to become a better liar, too! ;)
  • at the end at the motor in, if you just stay and lesson to the radio it says that Atlanta have been temporally downgraded to a 8 but as soon as you talk to Glen its a catastrophe 9.
  • I thought it was a bit odd to see Hershel to shoot the zombies expecially knowing his stance on that in the comics. Either he's really hypocritical or it's a plot hole.
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