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Cannot login to server to play game.

posted by firefly101 on - last edited - Viewed by 343 users

I have been waiting 2 days for support and have had no reply to my emails, I sent 2 emails.

I have had a none working game for 3 days and I have an internet connection and no firewall issues etc. It says unable to connect to the server to authenticate my game.

I am a new buyer and never heard of your games before and thought I would give your company a try. But at this point I am not too happy with no customer support and buying a game I have to authenticate online with a server that doesnt work.

If for some reason this is a problem that cannot be fixed I would like a refund and my account on this site closed. As of right now I just threw $25 down the drain and wasted bandwidth downloading a game I cannot play.

A simple pass code would have worked without having to connect to an online server just to register your game. For 2 decades the old methods worked fine and now with Steam and this we have problem after problem that never existed before.

I suggest to anyone THINKING about buying any of these games to WAIT till we find out why their servers are not working, otherwise you have a game that is unplayable. As for customer service, I have not seen any yet in reply to my Emails.
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  • We don't appear to be having any issues with our servers. Looks like your email was sent in yesterday, and you received a response earlier today. If you're certain that don't have a firewall or anti-virus software blocking access to our servers, you may need to contact your ISP so they can look into the issue for you. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Right, how about refund my money and close my account? My ISP isn't having a problem with your servers, its something on your end. Even this site is sometimes slow and unresponsive. I'm a certified IT professional and I am 100% sure its not an ISP issue with my Wildblue Sat provider. I am also not the only one having problems with authenticating my game.

    I am not trying to be a hardcase but I got a game I cannot even authenticate. I cannot imagine that your company is hurting so bad as to not refund my $25 and close my account. I asked if you couldn't resolve the problem just refund my money and close the account so no one can use it.

    I think anyone here would agree buying something and not recieving what you buy deserves a refund. Its a not a game glitch or hardware issue on my end. As of right now I dont have the product I bought because I am not allowed to play it without authorization which cannot happen because your Telltale servers are having issues.

    If I bought on steam who knows it might have worked, but I didn't I bought on this site.

    Can you please just refund the money and close my account so both of us can get on with our lives?

    Thank you

    P.S. I sent 2 emails the second one is the one you got yesterday.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I did some network analysis on what the game tries to do at that point, which might help troubleshooting this.

    What do you see when you open in your browser?
  • firefly101;606684 said:
    I'm a certified IT professional and I am 100% sure its not an ISP issue with my Wildblue Sat provider.
    And there's the problem right there.

    Regardless, your order is now canceled, per your request, and a refund will be issued within 3 business days. I apologize for the frustration.
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