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[360] Jurassic Park Episode 3 Won't Load

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Here is a video of my problem.

I'd like to just select Begin Episode, but apparently, that's Tell Tale Games' way of saying "New Game." To me it's very misleading and now I am under the impression that there is no fix for this on the 360 and I will have to restart the game entirely. Which is unfortunate because I may put down JP for awhile and move on to some other stuff. Which is also unfortunate because I did enjoy this game very much, despite a lot of flaws, but this is the one that bothers me.

I'm not sure how something like this makes it through quality assurance. I mean the UI is very misleading to the player. It says "Begin Episode" so therefore I should be able to begin the episode I have selected. That makes the most sense considering when scrolling to Episode 4 the Begin Episode option is greyed out.

Someone in QA should have hinted at this and suggested a New Game option. As well as the Begin Episode option properly starting the episode selected. So that's my problem I hope it can be fixed. I'd rather not restart from Episode 1 until I actually have to; when I complete the game.

Thank you.

To get more high-level into this. Here's how this problem first arrived, at least how I see it. I completed Episode 2 and in my haste to get the achievement for getting to the water tower without slipping up I hit start and reloaded the scenario before Episode 3 fully loaded.
Big deal I thought, because I just hit Begin Episode to start Episode 3.

Well, no that isn't the case, so I selected load game and now the game locks up. I'm wondering if it's because the save file became corrupted because I decided to go achievement hunting.

If this is in fact the case then I do need to restart from the beginning, however though, the game should still recognize the fact that I have completed Episode 2 and unlocked Episode 3 and should let me begin from Episode 3 by selecting Begin Episode.
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  • Problem Solved!

    In fear of having to start over regardless of anything on the 360 I decided to select the Begin Episode option. I figured I would just restart from Chapter 1. But what I did was select Begin Episode from Episode 3, it gave me the warning "Hey if you do this you will start a new game from Episode 1: The Intruder. Do you wish to continute? Yes or no.

    I select yes, because well, I thought my save file was ruined, but guess what! Begin Episode actually does start the player off on that episode selected! So ha!

    Like I said, Telltale Games, how does something like this sneak passed quality assurance? Someone did not properly test the user interface for little anomalies such as this one. The UI is extremely misleading to the player and that's rather unfortunate. I'm glad I took the courage to "start the game over" by selecting Begin Episode even though it was telling me I would start a new game.

    Telltale Games, this needs to be corrected.

    You also have a spelling mistake in The Walking Dead game in one of the dialouge options towards the end of the first episode.

    Thank you for the awesome products, but please hire outside help when playtesting. I don't know if you already do this or not. However, with all due respect, but someone in QA was not doing their job.

    This should have been picked up on very early in development.
  • Oh okay! That's cool. So I completed scene 1 of Episode 3 and get dumped back to the main menu. All scenarios are locked so I can't play any of them, clearly. But now how I do play the next scene, and the scene after that? Why didn't begin episode just play the episode through?

    Why is this broken? Now I probably will have to start over from the very beginning.

    Edit: Oh yeah and I guess I found that there is no way to start over through the UI anyways. (unless you delete your game save I am sure.)


    Oh ho ho! So on my 2nd playthrough of E3:S1 I did worse than my previous rank by almost getting a bronze. I was trying to get gold to see if maybe I need a certain amount of gold medals to contiue the story. So I finish the scene with a worse rank and guess what, the next scene loads. What is going on here? Is there something I am missing now? Because this doesn't make any sense to me anymore.

    Edit: And all scenes have been playing through normally, we'll see what happens when I get to E4.

    Final Edit: All seems to be working fine now. Episode 4 was looped right into. So I am just going to finish out the game and if I miss an achievement get it later through scene replay. I don't want to go through another mess like this again.

    The fight between Oscar and Raptor with the Spanish music really turned the game around for me.
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