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  • Irishmile;605921 said:
    I cant wait to see Lee and Larry butt heads again.... It is NOT going to end well.

    Yea I doubt it will. I can already see the stat count.

    You and 100% of other players chose to let Larry die.
  • PsychoRaven;605935 said:
    Yea I doubt it will. I can already see the stat count.

    You and 100% of other players chose to let Larry die.
    you know after the initial first play through some people will save him and the stat page is all over the place in ep1 so it would be funny to see but i doubt it'll happen if it does get a screen cap of it :)
  • I punched larry haha.
  • Boy, what a joker, what a funny funny guy! I'll never forget about Larry, no matter how I try!
  • I have a feeling that Larry will be (hopefully) one of those characters who will/maybe reedeem himself in episodes to come. Who knows? He might surprise us.

    For the record I hate him too, he really needs to calm down and cool his attitude.
  • I want to father his children!!!

    Of course nobody likes him yet :) But I guess in future episodes the player will learn more about him and he might be less of a douche then. I mean, he seems to be protective of the ones he likes and he is kind of a realist. If somebody gets bitten, let him kill him or her ... He seems to be relatively strong, if his heart doesn't slow him down and he seems to read the newspaper or at least watches tv news (and knows who Lee is).

    I guess that he will sacriface himself later on to safe his daughter or he goes on a zombie killing spree after they kill her. At least he brings some conflict in the group dynamic :) And the ladies love themselves some bad guy like this :P
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    G.Ross Telltale Staff
    atiza;605934 said:
    I hate Larry too, I hope he will be walker soon or later and Lee can kill him anytime.

    here you are a picture about his courage.

    LOL! I'm so happy people love that shot. I called that his "jack-in-the-box" moment.
  • *In my best chet voice* as my mama always said every shows gotta have a guy to hate. Larry is the guy your spose to hate. i mean take pretty much any show. if i may i'll give some examples
    *uses normal voice*
    Eureka- Senator Wen / Ames White guy
    Lost Girl- The new Ash who i call Ashhole
    House- A few seasons ago the big black guy who pretty much owned the hospital who tried to use backroom tactics to get house wilson and cuddy fired

    I could go on. but i'm sure you understand my point. if Everyone liked and respected Lee there wouldn't be any group tension and if TTG couldn't rely on group tension they'd have to build tension in other ways like subjecting Clementine to what i call 28 days later syndrome. And we don't want that do we? So let's all give a shoutout to our favorite douche in the new series We salute your douchiness
  • i also dont like larry either. i chose not to hit him and tried being cool but no more mr nice lee. all future convo branches with larry im going to be as rude and mean as possible.
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